Toy comparisons, then and now. part 9

Hey all I know it has been awhile but I have been busy lately with other life things but the most important thing is Today is my 4th anniversary of doing this blog and I really must thank you all for hanging out with me and coming back or spreading the love to get new people to look that this, and for all that I am for ever grateful. so with that I give you the long over due part 9 in my versus series.

Devastator: Hasbro – Vintage G1 reissue 2019 versus 2018 Generations Combiner Wars

First off is the boxes, (yes this the 2019 Vintage G1 set but it is so close I can finally give you the versus review I may not have been able to do otherwise). 


And now the back of the boxes..


Top of the torso comes Hook in truck mode


Now in robot mode


The bottom of the torso is Long Haul


Now in Robot mode, and I am very impressed.


Here we have Scavenger who becomes an arm.


and in robot mode.


The other arm is Bonecrusher. 


And of course the robot mode


For one of the legs we got Mixmaster.


So here is his robot mode


so here is the last leg who is Scrapper (pun intended) 


Now for their combined modes and I am sorry for the angles but it was hard to fit them both in the same shot. 


So I hope you enjoyed this and if you have not seen my previous entries in this line here are the links. see you next and I hope to see you for years to come.

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