Catching up with the Constructicons Part 2

Welcome back and now let’s get right back into looking at the Constructicons

  • 2008 – Transformers Animated – Constructicons: Although no toys were created, a trio of bots were created. The first two were Scrapper and Mixmaster  who were created when AllSpark shards were embedded in a cement mixer and an excavator. Initially Autobots they but turned Decepticons but really all they wanted to do was party and drink oil. When the third Dirtboss was created from a bunch of AllSpark shards, a forklift and a damaged Headmaster Unit, he quickly took control of the other two.

  • 2009 – HASBRO – Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – Constructicons: There has been many arguments, discussions and confusion over the Constructicons from this movie. Until this movie we have defined this unit as a team who forms Devastator and if the Animated series would have continued they most likely would have too, so this movie changed the perception and so it confused a lot of people. This is my explanation and it may very well be incorrect but it works for me. Constructicons are a huge group of Decepticons that when they landed all took similar shapes since there was a limited amount of vehicles around. Now not all of these bots made Devastator and many were still around in the battle fighting, One of these was torn apart for spare parts to repair Megatron. Only a small amount of these formed the bigger lumbering poorly thought out creature that was in bad taste even before the salt to the wound of showing to the world that Robots have balls and the use of such childish humor was unneeded. Also none of the vehicles that form him have wrecking balls so where did they come from? surely they magically appeared just for the joke.

With that being said there is a list of named Constructicons but it seems incomplete with many being left unnamed and some have the same name.

  1. Front loader:
    • Scrapper (1)
    • Scrapper (2)
    • Constructicon Scouts
    • Purple generic drones
  2. Articulated dump truck:
    • Overload
  3. Dump truck:
    • Long Haul (1)
    • Long Haul (2)
    • Long Haul (3)
    • Payload
    • Yellow Dump Truck 
    • Constructicon Warriors
  4. Excavator:
    • Demolishor
    • Scrapmetal
    • Scavenger 
  5. Truss crane:
    • Hightower 
    • Hook
    • Purple generic drones
  6. Cement mixer:
    • Mixmaster (1)
    • Mixmaster (2)
    • Mixmaster (3)
  7. Bulldozer:
    • Rampage (1)
    • Rampage (2)
    • Rampage (3)
    • Skipjack
    • Kickback
    • Bonecrusher
    • Second Bulldozer
  8. Multi-arm Excavator:
    • Trample
    • Tread

  • 2010 – HASBRO –  Power Core Combiners Steamhammer with Constructicons: As all Power Core Combiners, there is one robot who can form a torso with four drones to make up the limbs but these do not have robot modes. Steamhammer is the commander who is not a steamhammer vehicle but a Green bulldozer and his drones are: White Plow Drone – Right leg, Yellow Steamroller Drone – Left leg, Blue Drill Drone – Right arm, Orange Front End Loader Drone — Left Arm.

  • 2011 – TAKARA –  Unknown Class – Encore Devastator: Part of the encore series this version has small differences but nothing major.

File:G1toy encore devastator.jpg

  • 2011 – TAKARA –  Unknown Class – Encore Anime Color Version Devastator: A second Encore release of the same toy but with a new head sculpt to look more like the cartoon, a brighter, more Yellowish-Green plastic color, now comes with Black forearms and a Purple mixing drum for Mixmaster:

  • 2015 – HASBRO – Titan Class – C0mbiner Wars Devastator: Formed from six Voyager-class Constructicons from all-new molds. All his components will be sold together in one box. He will take over the record of being the tallest combiner toy previously held by Metroplex when released later this year. (I am really looking forward to this) All of the individual robots are not only named after their G1 counterparts, are in their Green and Purple color schemes but also have their normal vehicle modes (except Mixmaster’s cement mixer barrel seems to be flipped around) and look very much G1 like:

Now with all that, Hasbro loves to produce any construction vehicle in green and purple but they are not Constructicons and also we now get into Third party toys, a couple companies saw a void in the transformers landscape and decided to bring out their version of the Constructicons. I will remind you that these are legal since they do not use any trademarked names, are not to be considered Knock-Offs due to be very well constructed out of high end plastics and are very expensive.

  • TFC – Hercules – price tag of $499.95 – sold separately, also and add-on kit is available to get him closer to G1

  • Make Toys – Green Giant – price tag of $399.95 – Sold together or in 2 packs

  • Make Toys – Yellow Giant – price tag of $499.95 – In three 2 packs all sold together or seperately

so we come to the end, I hope you do not mind I made two parts out of this entry and I will keep you apprised on any new Constructicons coming out. Thanks again and see you next time.

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