About me.

Hello everyone I am Transformerdan and I thought I would tell you a bit about me. I have been a Transformer fan for a long long time and so I thought I would do this in a time line of sorts to make it easier to follow along.

1982 – I was 13 and I saw toys from the Takara showing up in gas stations and some convenience stores, not the fully transformable ones but still I was aware of nifty toys coming from Japan.

1983 – Gobots hit the scene and I had a few, I was riding that age of getting too old for toys but still playing with them.

1984 – My first year of high school and I was getting past my toy playing days but the comics were still cool to read and so I collected Transformer comics while still buying the odd transformer especially Sunstreaker and Skywarp. (those two did not survive to this day, having younger nieces and a nephew playing with them.)

1985 – I bought Tracks because he was cool and I love Vettes, so why not. (he also did not survive but like the other two have been replaced.)

1986 – I brought my nephew to see Transformers the Movie. This was an excuse to see it myself who was still into the comics.

1991 – after still buying the Transformer comics, G1 line ends leaving me stranded for awhile.

1993 – G2 starts and I am back into buying them but the feeling was not the same and after it ended I was out of Transformers for awhile.

1996 – Beast Wars was launched and I watched the show but did not buy anything of that line when it was released. (I now have several from the line)

2007 – After a long hiatus from Transformers, I went with some friends to Toronto TransformerCon and I was walking around on the last day and a dealer at small card table put G2 Sideswipe in my face and said “5 bucks”, I paid for it and that was the start of my collecting. One friend gifted me two of his doubles (Hound and Ravage) and I continued to buy ever since.

2015 – I decided to write this blog, after researching Transformers and wanted to get it out of my head somewhere and thought I might be able to help people learn about Transformers and maybe entertain them along the way.

2020 – I am 6 Transformers away from completing the 84 line, I am around 20 from completling the 85, I have moved away from non G1 toys for the most part. I do collect some current toys if they look good and are modern recreations of G1 toys to go into my Ode to the 86 movie. I have a big bin full of unwanted Transformers that might get sold at some point. I am still keeping G1, G2 and Beast wars toys along with the Combiner Wars Combiners. I still have all my comics as well.

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