Catching up with the Constructicons Part 1

No Transformers have changed the face of transforming robots quite like the Constructicons did when they arrived on the scene, much like their fictional arrival changed things in all of their alternate time lines. Nothing would be the same from there on. This success of the first combing robots into one robot made Hasbro jump, made them want to produce more similar robots and the demand for such has never really stopped. So let us look at the “big mean green guy with anger issues” (I do not mean the Hulk or me after some bad Chinese take-out) this focus is on Devastator and the Constructicons that create him!

Takara introduced toy robots that transform into realistic, present-day vehicles as part of the “Car Robots” sub-line of their Diaclone line. Unlike most of the line some did not come with little robot drivers and were not in scale with the rest, and a small group of these were:

  • 1982 – TAKARA – unknown class  Construction Vehicle Robo: These six construction vehicles combined in a certain arrangement unlike later combiner teams who’s limbs could be switched around. His combined form had no name. There were two versions of the toy:

A) The most common original release in Yellow (sometimes referred to orange since the shade of yellow is darker) and Red, with dark Blue, Yellow and Black combiner parts made up of:

No. 1 Bulldozer – Yellow – Left Arm

No. 2 Power Shovel – Yellow – Right Arm

No. 3 Shovel-Dozer – Yellow – Right Leg 

No. 4 Truck Crane – Red – Upper Torso

No. 5 Dump Truck – Red – Lower Torso

No. 6 Concrete Mixer – Red – Left Leg 

B) The rarest second release in brighter Yellow and light Blue, with Red, Silver and Black combiner parts:

No. 1 Bulldozer – Yellow – Left Arm (silver canopy)

No. 2 Power Shovel – Yellow – Right Arm (silver shovel arm)

No. 3 Shovel-Dozer – Yellow – Right Leg (silver canopy)

No. 4 Truck Crane – Blue – Upper Torso

No. 5 Dump Truck – Red – Lower Torso

No. 6 Concrete Mixer – Blue – Left Leg 

  • 1984 – HASBRO – unknown class  G1 Constructicons: Hasbro leased the rights to the Takara molds but not only repainted them in a unified color scheme of Green and Purple but also gave them all nifty names (since they were just referred to by their vehicle type name) including the combined form who became Devastator but that is where the differences in the toys end. They were sold separately in blister packs or altogether in a gift set as part of their Generation 1 line:

Bonecrusher – Bulldozer Left Arm

Scavenger – Power Shovel – Right Arm

Scrapper – Shovel-Dozer Right Leg

Hook – Truck Crane – Upper Torso

Longhaul – Dump Truck – Lower Torso

Mixmaster – Concrete MixerRed – Left Leg

  • 1993 – HASBRO – unknown class  G2 Constructicons: nine years later Hasbro re-released the same toys in Yellow and Purple and were sold separately in blister packs as part of their Generation 2 line (there is knock-offs of this set but are easily identified since this set did not come in a boxset and the package art has Devestator in his G1 colors) :

  • 1993 – HASBRO – unknown class  G2 Constructicons: a bit later Hasbro re-released the same toys in Orange and Purple and were also sold separately in blister packs as part of their Generation 2 line but less common, there is a belief that these were exclusives to KB Toys but no actual proof exists or found yet (as with the yellow versions, these too had knock-offs in the same G1 packaging):

  • 2004 – HASBRO – Micromaster class  Universe Constructicons: A redeco of Sixbuilder in G1 inspired colors, the six component robots were available only on individual cards and three of them were renamed Hook to Hightower, Mixmaster to Quickmix, Scrapper to Buckethead. (It is unknown if it was due to trademark issues) The leftover parts (after separating the robots) combine to form a single pilot jet. These were exclusive to K•B Toys, later in Sears stores during Christmas (K•B partnered with Sears), they were also sold on K-Mart’s web site. (also released under the Energon line in Europe, with modified packaging to reflect the line)


  • 2004 – HASBRO – Ultra class  Energon Constructicon Maximus: Comprised of five team members, Steam Hammer as the Torso with Sledge, Duststorm, Wideload and Bonecrusher for his limb’s and their weapons for hands and feet. (in addition to his normal Purple and Green, they used Blues, Browns and Yellow) Similar to G1 Scramble City style combiner teams, He features universal connection points for the limbs, allowing different combinations and even swapping of limbs from different teams (Superion Maximus and Bruticus Maximus). Only Steam Hammer, Sledge and Duststorm were initially released in 2004, with Wideload and Bonecrusher released much later in 2005 and even 2006. This unfortunately led to many consumers having an incomplete Constructicon Maximus for many months. (Duststorm and Wideload use the same mold)

File:ConstructiconMaximus toy2.jpg

  • 2006 – HASBRO – Ultra class  Universe Constructicon Devastator: A redeco of Robots in Disguise Landfill in G1 colors was available only by purchasing two separate Target-exclusive two-packs: Bonecrusher & Scavenger and Long Haul & Hightower: 

  • 2006 – HASBRO – Ultra class  Classics Devastator: A redeco of the Energon Constructicon Maximus in his tradional Purple and Green colors with the addition of Silver. As this mold is a five-bot combiner instead of his traditional six, the team now consists only of Scavenger (redecoed from Steamhammer), Scrapper (redecoed from the Sledge), Bonecrusher, Long Haul and Hightower (redecoed from wideload/Duststorm mold). Hightower replaces Mixmaster and Hook, but his bio combines elements of both. Scavenger forms his main body, while the other four robots attach via universal connectors to form any of his limbs, using their weapons to form hands and feet. Being a redeco, this of course means his components can combine with any of the other combiner robots from the Energon series. He was only available in a five pack Wal-Mart exclusive.


Well we have come to the end of part one and we will pick up where we left off next time.

4 thoughts on “Catching up with the Constructicons Part 1

  1. The Classics Devastator/Energon Constructicon Maximus toy was originally released as an autobot for the Japanese cartoon “Transformers Car Robots” that became “Robots in Disguise” and followed-up Beast Machines when dubbed to English. I think the leader’s name was Wedge, and two other components were named Hightower and Grimlock…


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