Toy comparisons, then and now. part 5

Welcome back, I recently completed part 4 of this series and while creating it I realized I had enough for a part 5, so here we go…

Wheelie: 1986 G1 versus 2016 Titans Return

He maybe small and not tall, he maybe yellow and mellow, but it is Wheelie, really!! ok enough rhyming .. the bratty kid from the movie’s first toy was kind of OK for the time but the new version is really good and it only took 30 years to get there. He needs a slingshot though, don’t you think so?.


The altmodes is pretty good match, his cockpit can open and a titanmaster figure can sit in there.


Grimlock: 1985 G1 versus 2018 Power of the Primes

My G1 grimlock is missing his chest plate but still cool, the new version is nice but a bit too tall. This is a great interpretation all the same, I like him. The reason why he is so big, is that he is a torso for a bigger combiner. I am still waiting for Snarl and Sludge to come out to join Swoop and Slag…. Slog, (Slag is a curse word in the UK) to finish Volcanicus (they could have come up with a better name) Expect a review when I get them.


The gold plastic under the clear and all the sticker application really do it justice.


Wheeljack: 1982 Takara pre-wheeljack versus 2016 Combiner Wars 

Incomplete Takara  Diaclone No.18 Lancia Stratos Turbo aka Wheeljack was a lucky find at a good price, vrs his Combiner wars version who is also a limb for a combiner and better proportioned. 


Sorry for the slightly blurred look, The two look a lot like each other although the new one should not have black windows IMO.


Prowl: 2003 Commemorative Series versus 2015 Combiner Wars

Part of a Toys R Us exclusive line of Commemorative series toys he is pretty much G1 except some un-chromed parts and his missile launcher doe snot fire for safety reasons. The new toy like Wheeljack above is a limb for a combiner. (I do wish they would have retooled his hood to become his chest but he is ok otherwise)


I wish there was bit more stickers to resemble the G1 but he still looks good.


Hound: 1984 G1 versus 2008 Universe

My G1 hound has seen better days, he was a double in a friend collection when I started seriously collecting so he was given to me, he is missing a few pieces and his star stickers in upside down on his fenders. I could do without the huge bumper guard and the white seats on his universe version but all in all he is really good looking even if they stepped away from the trademark Jeep look


A bit bulkier and more modern this guy still looks good.


Laserbeak: 1984 G1 versus 2012 Genereations

I do not like when they re-imagine classic figures into completely different type figures. It seems to me they are just reusing molds and slapping a name on them. This is pretty much what they did here but this time I really like it. A redeco of “Revenge of the Fallen Skystalker”, this mold was sused a couple more times since.  His alt mode is a stealth wing drone and the color placements are fitting.  


His robot mode is a bit wonky and with the attachable blade weapons (from his wings) he kind of looks like a preying mantis… He never had an actual bipedal robot mode so this one is not my favorite.


Now for my favorite part of this mold. 1) detach the robot feet that store under the alt mode wings to become bird feet, 2) lower the nosecone to form a beak, 3) then un-peg the wings to tilt down to be more bird like, 4) finally those blade weapons detach from the undersides of the wings and attach at the back of the wings. This give him a “Fan mode” of a cybertronian Laserbeak 


The blades round off the wings more to complete the look.


Those blade weapons remind me of not only part of the cassette mode but also like wings themselves.


Well that is it for now, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did making it, if you missed any of the other parts of this series please hit the links below:

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