Toy comparisons, then and now. part 6

Hello again, after finishing part 5 of this series I looked at my shelves and wondered: what next? did I have enough to make a new article? not really unless I redid characters I already presented.. but which ones? I looked at them all and one stood out… but then which one of his older forms do I do with the new one? again I had an epiphany… why not do them all? or close enough anyways… so I present to you Starscream versus Starscream.

2018 Powers of the prime Starscream:

fresh out of the box and looking pretty good, you have to ignore the bulky arms and legs, he is a combiner torso and so he needs combiner ports and so they have to stick them some where.. otherwise I am pretty happy with him.


2003 Commemorative Series: 

a remake of the G1 toy but the missiles have been enlarged for child safety. 



Unknown year Kingdam 6 Jet Robo:

Not much is know about this guy, but he is hotly contested and sought after. In my research after picking him up for cheap I saw a lot of haters calling him a knockoff and some saying he was from a company that licensed the molds from Takara. some said it was worthless junk and one person offered me a lot more than I paid for it. All I know is I like him and I love the differences from the actual G1



2006 Classics:

at the time he came out he was what people wanted and needed, for the most part the whole line revitalized the need for transformers that looked like what they are suppose to look like. It would appear that Hasbro put them out as a warm up for their upcoming movie line but fan reaction was so great they listened and it ushered in a new era of getting what we wanted or at least needed, worthwhile homages to characters we love and it has carried us on 12 years later



2012 Generations Fall of Cybertron: 

part of the going forward Generations line that continued after Classics. He is part of a subline dedicated to the 2nd video depicting the events before the Transformers left their home world of Cybertron



2011 Target exclusive Revenge of the Fallen:

Of all the versions of this toy I picked this one to represent this line. He is a voyager class and closer to the scale of the PoP version unlike the Deluxe or Leader classes I own.



2012 Prime series 2:

Cyberverse Commander Starscream is much smaller compared to the other so far and he does not even look like the others at all.



2003 World’s smallest Transformers “Ghost” Starscream

part of the world’s smallest transformer line put out in Japan, these little guys are highly detailed and articulated but simplified as much as possible. He is meant to be the ghist of Starscream as depicted in the comics and cartoons. 



Well there you have it, I liked doing this one and it only took me two days to work on it, I hope you like it. If you missed any of the other parts of this series please hit the links below:

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