Toy comparisons, then and now. part 8

Hello all, I have been wanting to do another in my comparison series but I have run dry for now with new and old bots to compare. I reached out to people I know and a couple people got back to me and one friend came through. My fellow Transformer Fan Scott Spence has provided the following pictures and put in a lot of work to make this article a realty. He is a collector and a fan who still has a love for it. So when I heard he had these toys I just had to ask if he would help me out. I can not thank him enough, so without further ado we have:

Terrorcons: 1987 G1 versus 2018 Power of the Primes.

some really good photos here.


PotP In their box and blisters while G1 Abominus awaits their opening. 


Robot modes:

all of them and the pieces together. G1 H-G had a large chest piece, a head, two hands each with a peg hole to hold weapons and two feet. PotP H-G came with two feet, his head is built in and all four of the other bots come with a hand (each is of a color of the bot unlike the Dinobots that had all black hands)


Monster modes:

Both Hun-gurrs kind of mix together here in this photo so I though they were mis-formed but looking closer it is just the angle 


Hun-Gurr: Monster mode.


Hun-Gurr: Robot mode.

very nice comparison here. 


Blot: Monster mode.

unlike sticker details on the G1, the Potp have painted on molded details that really pop.


Blot: Robot mode.

The heads of the PotP figures like all the current combiner figures are more scaled to the figure unlike the G1 scramble city figures that have very small heads that were the connection part of the bigger combiner.


Sinnertwin: Monster mode.

The PotP verson’s monster heads move and have painted on details that the G1 was lacking, but all in all a very nice homage.


Sinnertwin: Robot mode.


Cuttroat: Monster mode.

Once again the update is amazing, a little bigger, more detailed but still very close.


Cuttroat: Robot mode.


Rippersnapper: Monster mode.

I think he is a good update, simplistic though.


Rippersnapper: Robot mode.

His PotP monster head gets out of the way better and he is better proportioned 


Abominus: The Good, the bad, the ugly.

He looks good, his feet are too small and according to Scott his leg limbs are not good quality and are floppy. He is not impressed.


Well that is it for now, now I wait for a few other things to happen, and if you have older toys with their new counterparts that I have not shown and would like to share please let me know. If you have not read the others in this series please visit the links here

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