Toy comparisons, then and now. part 3

Hello all, I recently teamed up with my friend Mike who you can follow on Instagram @stryderwolfe for some cool Transformers photos, We did a photoshoot comparing everyone’s favorite Dinobird:

2016 Combiner Wars (CW) Sky Lynx versus 2008 Encore (G1) Skylinx 

Old meets new, although the size difference is an issue with many people I am ok with it, the detail is amazing. All the design ques are there.


A better look at the G1 version in Sky lynx mode



A better look at the CW version in Sky lynx mode



Lynx Mode greet each other. Although the CW Lynx mode is a fan concept, I like it. the biggest hangup for me is that the shuttle does not detach, it would have been simple to mold in some peg and holes but what can you do.



A better look at the G1 version in Sky mode





A better look at the CW version in Sky mode



The face of CW Sky Lynx


Shuttle Mode compares pretty nice.



A better look at the G1 version in Shuttle mode




A better look at the CW version in Shuttle mode



Surrounded! At this point I really wished it separated.



I really like the stand Mike has that we used here.



So that is it, I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you next time.  Thanks again to my friend Mike @stryderwolfe for providing not only the G1 toy but also the great Ark background.

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One thought on “Toy comparisons, then and now. part 3

  1. Looks great Dan! For anyone that is curious, the stand used above was included with the “masterpiece styled” FansToys FT-07 Iron Dibot Soar (aka not-Swoop).


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