toy comparisons, then and now. part 1

hello there, welcome back, this will be the last entry this year but I will be back in the new year with more, so this time I deiced to do a little one, but it took a lot of work to do. I took older toys and compared them to new ones of the same name, all from my collection, hope you enjoy…

first off is Optimus Prime, not just one but two! here we have 2006 Classics Optimus Prime sporting the 2009 3rd party Fanproject trailer that combines with him into a bigger badder bot called Powered Commander and what better version to compare him to then 1988 Powermaster Optimus Prime





next up is the 1986 Scramble city  Aerialbot Fireflight and is paired with 2015 Generations Combiner Wars Aerialbot Firefly who is basically the same character and they both have the same gimmick, they become a limb for a combiner, either a traditional one or one of the owners choice, basically a mix and match gimmick…



now we get to Starscream! I have chosen 2006 Classics Starscream with 1983 Kingdam 6 non-takara / pre-hasbro Starscream 



Now I get to 1983 pre-hasbro Takara MC-10 Cassette Man known as Soundwave paired with 2012 Generations Fall of Cybertron Soundwave



we are now at 2011 Generations Sgt Kup with 1986 Generation 1 Kup, so I was lazy for picture 1 so I put in 2912 Generation Swerve in vehicle mode who is a repaint of the same bot



for my last entry I took advantage of remolds for an easier photo shoot, I took 2014 Transformers Bumblebee in robot mode and in vehicle mode of the same mold 2010 Gold Bumblebee and beside them we have in vehicle mode 2008 Bumblebee that was available in a minibots 5 pack sporting a new more comic book like face sculpt but is almost identical with the 1984 Generation 1 Bumblebee with the exceptions of some painted details. (sorry about the glare!)


ok so I am done for another year, I will be back shortly with a new entry in this series of comparisons, and have a happy new year year everyone.

EDIT: To read part 2 of “toy comparisons, then and now” click here!

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