Voices behind the characters: Gernot Duda

We hear a lot about the american voice actors but how about the other language voice actors behind the international releases of the Transformers franchise… so I thought we could visit one of these actors careers and see what they have done. Gernot Duda is a German voice actor who has done quite a lot

  • Megatron

  • Grimlock

  • Abominus (Grimlock’s New Brain only)

  • Astrotrain (The Big Broadcast of 2006 only)

  • Blaster (The Big Broadcast of 2006 only)

  • Omega Supreme (The Big Broadcast of 2006 only)

  • Predaking (Chaos only)

  • Scourge (Starscream’s Ghost & Ghost in the Machine only)

  • Trypticon (Thief in the Night & The Ultimate Weapon only)

  • Warpath (Ghost in the Machine only)

other work

  • Tummy Gummy on Adventures of the Gummy Bears

  • Barney Gumble on The Simpsons

  • Faxe on Vicky the Viking.

I know this entry is pretty small but information of his work is limited in English. until next time transform and roll out.

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