Transformers Collectors’ Club: The Toys

You may have not been aware that there is a Collectors club for Transformer fanatics tat collect toys but there is and sadly I have never joined but I may some day, so I thought you might be interested in the club. Americans pay $42 USD for one year. (Rates are higher for international fans or quicker postage.) Current benefits with a 1 year membership include:

Six issues of the Transformers Collectors’ Club Official Magazine, each including an issue of the club comic.

An exclusive Transformers figure, free with each year’s paid membership:

  • 2005 – Skyfall:  a redeco of Energon Sky Shadow/Terradive, transforming into an A-10 bomber plane


  • 2006 – Landquake: A redeco of the Energon Blight/Kickback that transforms into an anti-aircraft tank


  • 2007 – Breakaway: a redeco of Energon Treadshot/Windrazor, transforming into a F-22 Raptor fighter jet (sort of)

  • 2008 – Topspin:  a redeco of Energon Stormcloud/Blackout, transforming into a AH-1 Cobra assault helicopter

File:Classics Topspin.jpg

  • 2009 – Heatwave:  a retool of Energon Barricade with a new combiner robot head that transforms into a Mobile Missile Deployer with a rear-mounted missile rack.

  • 2010 – Elite Guard Dion (with Cop-Tur): a redeco of Henkei! Henkei! Hot Rod  transforms into an Audi TT sports car and comes with Cop-Tur, a redeco of the Mini-Con Jolt

  • 2011 – Side Burn:  A redeco of Classics Rodimus, transforming into a heavily-altered Dome Zero

  • 2012 – Runamuck: A new-head retooling of Generations Wheeljack transforms into a made up model sports car.

  • 2013 – Depth Charge: a redeco of Transformers Terradive that transforms into a forward-swept Sukhoi Su-47 wing fighter jet. (He is suppose to be the same Depth Charge from the Beast Wars cartoon, most likely his re-beast wars form, his head and colors are similar)


  • 2014 – Rampage: A new-head retool of Prime First Edition Megatron that transforms into a hover tank / jet thing. (Like Depth charge from the year before, He is suppose to be the same Rampage from the Beast Wars cartoon, most likely his re-beast wars form, his head and colors are similar)

  • 2015 – Lio Convoy: A retool of Thrilling 30 Orion Pax, transforms into a truck

Access to the Collectors’ Club store to buy Collectors’ Club exclusive toys. these toys are:


  • Astrotrain: a retooled Armada Jetfire, transforming into a Cybertronic space shuttle, comes with redecos of the Giant Planet Mini-Con Team, of Astro-Hook (crane), Astro-Line (plane), and Astro-Sinker (submarine) and a Mini-Con partner Starcatcher (car)

  • Airazor a a redeco of Energon Slugslinger with a retooled head that transforms into a twin-cockpit jet and is supposed to be a pre-beast wars Airazor



  • Nightbeat  a redeco/retool of Energon Hot Shot that transforms into a modified Aston Martin Vanquish car.

  • Seacons Redecoes of the original G1 Seacons


  • Punch/Counterpunch  a retooling of Classics Sunstreaker/Sideswipe , transforming into a heavily modified Lamborghini Gallard. “This mold lends itself nicely to the gimmick of two bots in one, since there is an alternate transformation to make the two originals look different by using either the hood or the top of the car as a chest plus other changes of pieces”

  • Shattered Glass Cyclonus A redeco of the original Classics toy, this one is from an alternate reality where the Decepticons are good and the Autobots are bad. (he gets Rodimus Primes colors)


  • G2 Ramjet A repaint of the Classics Ramjet but in G2 Colors with new G2 looking missiles

  • Animated Cheetor a retool of Animated Blurr who transforms into a car.



  • Over-Run A redeco of the earlier Runamuck figure, this one is suppose to Runabout but the name could not be used due to trademark issues.

  • Shattered Glass Drift  a redeco of Generations Drift he is an alternate reality version where the Autobots are bad guys

  • 2014: Trans-Mutate a redeco of Prime Arcee that is suppose to be the strange character from the Beast Wars cartoon

  • 2015: Nova Prime A redeco of that same year’s member incentive figure, Lio Convoy

Starting in 2012, a subscription service was implemented, where six exclusive figures are offered at cheaper prices.


  • Scourge A redeco of Reveal the Shield Optimus Prime

  • Breakdown A redeco of G2 Redux Breakdown

  • Jackpot A retool of Animated Jazz

  • Slipstream A retool of Prime First Edition Starscream

  • Circuit A redeco of 2010 Axor

  • Ultra Mammoth A redeco of Beast Wars Neo Big Convoy


  • Chromedome with Stylor A retool of Prime Wheeljack with a redeco of Arms Micron S.2

  • Rewind A retool of United Frenzy, was also redecoed as Eject who was also available.

  • Treadshot with Catgut redecoes of Generations Warpath and Arms micron Jida

  • Fisitron A redeco of Fall of Cybertron Roadbuster

  • Barricade with Frenzy A redeco of Beast Hunters Prowl with a redeco of Arms Micron Sou

  • Thrustinator A retool of Beast Wars II Dirgegun


  • Krok with Gatoraider A retool of Thrilling 30 Megatron with a redeco of Arms Micron Dai

  • Carzap A retool of Thrilling 30 Bumblebee with G.B. Blackrock Kreon

  • G2 Starscream A redeco of Classics Starscream

  • Nacelle A retool of Classics Starscream

  • Tarantulas with Arachnoids Redecos of United Scrapheap with two redecos of Arms Micron Ida

  • Serpent O.R. A redeco of Generations Ratbat is an ode to the G.I.Joe figure Serpentor

Alright so there you go, until next time Transform and roll out!

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