Rumor: Beast Wars Movie.

Hi all,

We got a rumor coming out that a Beast Wars movie is in development, no other info is available.

So you maybe asking yourself “why is this important enough for me to write an article about it?”

Well, what is interesting here is the original Beast Wars has been hailed as the rebirth of the Transformers and it’s savior. Interest was waning and kids had enough of it, so what could they do?

In 1984 Original Transformers was a new kind of toy, it combined two kinds of toys kids loved Vehicles and Action figures. So they switched out Vehicles for Animals, you got to admit Animal toys were played with by Kids since literally the dawn of time. Animal toys have been found at archaeological sites showing the interest has been there all along. Plastic animals cheaply made are a good seller and most kids have had a few of some sort or another. They are also non-gender specific as well.


In 1996 Beast Wars debuted and new life was ushered into the toyline. Utilizing new 3D animation they brought a new TV series to help sell these new toys. But it did not last and by 1999 it was over.


In 1999 Beast Machines succeeded Beast Wars as a continuation but it was not as liked and in 2000 it too was gone.


In 2001 Robots in Disguise debuted hoping to swing things around by reintroducing Vehicles but it did not work and Transformers slid back into darkness for awhile.


In 2007 the first Live action movie debuted, the interest in vehicles was back and in a big way. No matter what people say about the movies. Love or Hate them it worked and toy sales exploded again. The power of this has kept alive the Transformers franchise until today and really will not die. Other projects have helped (like shows like Transformers Prime and Animated, and toy lines like Generations) keep it going and are equally important.


So now they are looking to bring something new in and why not combine Live Action with our beloved Beast Wars. It could work if done right, so we will see. Many fans are cringing over this, some are already hating it and others are already singing it’s praises. For me, I am waiting to see it. Proof is in the pudding as they say right? Until more comes out, that is all we can do and I will be right here reporting it. Before we go I wanted to share with you a picture of what is a concept art coming from 2017’s Transformers The Last Knight.


Thanks for reading and until next time, transform and roll out.

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