Recent find: G1 Dreadwind knockoff

Hello all, I know it has been awhile, I recently found something at a local thrift shop and thought I would share. I bought what I thought was a 1989 G1 Powermaster Dreadwind for $3… but the more I looked at him the more red flags hit, once home I looked him up and found all the colors and stickers were wrong, his powermaster was a solid piece not a little figure.  What I had was a pretty good knockoff. Looking around I found a couple other instances of this figure and a few lesser quality ones, those come in only a couple colors, no stickers and look bad. I have put him into the collection anyways and for what I paid I am not unhappy. So with his namesake hitting store shelves I decided to do this article.

So first a look at the original toy (of course I do not have him yet or my never have bought this one)

  • G1 Powermaster Dreadwind – Hasbro – 1988:


download (1)

Also he was was repainted for takara:

  • Super-god Masterforce Buster – Takara – 1988


Knockoff Dreadwind – unknown company – unknown year:





now a look at both side by side (KO arms are in the wrong position and you may notice the made in china sticker… what is with that joker smile?) :


Hey I recently did a new article showcasing original transformers and their counterparts, you can find it here, also here is a comparison photo from it and yes I fixed the arms..


so there you have it, a small article but I hope you enjoyed it. -Transformerdan

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