The worst movie transformers voted by my audience.

Hello everyone, welcome back. So I asked a question on the forums I frequent. “worst movie transformer, hold no punches, go for it!” and the response was great and varied, but a few entries were popular opinions. So I have rounded up the most popular worst transformers and made this article. Thank you everyone for your help. First off I am not a Bay hater, nor am I a movies franchise hater. I am not a lover either, I am kind of neutral on this issue… I enjoyed the movies, I have some toys… Leader Class Starscream is one of the best in my collection… a hard one to transform and I have left him in robot mode since early on. There are a lot of characters that are just plain bad.

5. ‘Revenge of the Fallen’ Acree triplets: 

Hardly used at all, basically for small scenes and there was three of them, all motorcycles with a different color scheme. Apparently each one was a different Fembot in the toy line not the movie: Arcee (dark Pink… or Red… not sure), Chromia (Blue) and Elita One  (purple.. I think). Also at one point they thought of making them a combiner, which would be cool. There was a lot of potential here but they really dropped the ball. The robot modes were wonky  


4. ‘Revenge of the Fallen’ Wheelie: 

ok, so this guy had potential for the love of all G1 keeping him close would have been fun… but nay, they took the name and threw everything else away… The blue remote controlled monster truck had it’s merits but the personality ran a muck. He was humping Mikaela’s leg to make to make a bad scene… and going through Carly’s underwear was also to be seen… his robot form was freakishly odd… making this one of the worst ones, I swear to god.


3. ‘Dark of the Moon’ Que: 

This guy was meant to be Wheeljack but they fell short of using an iconic name to do a nod to the Jame Bond gadget guy Q, the appearance of Einstein with a muddled accent composed of English and Scottish. He is also a Mercedes Benz with a German license plate. I find the guy disturbing and far removed from G1 wheeljack as you could go. He is just a messy character design-wise


2. ‘Revenge of the Fallen’ Skids and Mudflap: 

Ok these two were put in the same entry. Why? you ask…. they are so bad a lot of people cannot tell them apart…. they are idiotic and not worth the brainpower to figure out who is who… I own one of them and I cannot remember which one he is…. No I did not buy him… he was part of a trade… I was gifted a Lord of the rings miniature helmet and another friend saw it and said he was missing it in his collection of that line and was having a hard time finding it… so I gifted it to him with the blessing of the first friend and then suddenly I was gifted two movie transformers  from the second friend… anyways back on subject… The two got a major amount of screen time and kept arguing and making stupid comments and really did not add much value to the movie. The ice-cream truck combiner had promise and seems to be a good transformer worthy of collecting but the rest of the toys are nothing interesting. The guys have goofy faces and come off as racist dirtbags…


1. ‘Revenge of the Fallen’ Devastator: 

This one, a lot of people agree on and I felt the same way. It was a major let down. He was poorly constructed, poorly executed and basically became the butt of a joke…. or the balls of a joke literally! They just had to go with a balls joke….  This one is a big stinker and sucked… literally!!! what were they thinking? They took a major favorite and turned it into a sad joke. I love the original but this one made me upset….


Thanks to everyone who chimed in and helped with this entry.

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