My thoughts on Movie Hound.

Hello all, I back again and I have been thinking about Hound. Not G1 Hound, but the Movie Hound. The most these two have in common besides the name is they are both Army vehicles and Green… G1 Hound was a more plain generic soldier used to round out the troops with very little personality so when making a Live Action CGI version they needed to reinvent him as they have done with many of our beloved G1 characters. Love or hate the movies, you have to admit they have kept Transformers in the public eye. So I am going to break down the components that I see in Movie Hound (this may or may not align with the true intentions of the film makers, just what I see in him) So I will start:


Name – G1 Hound: The name sake, a generic Army jeep. With no covering he would have to resort to a holographic driver unlike some of the other characters who could have dark windows.


Vehicle Mode – Animated Bulkhead: Ok let me explain!! Although the movie version is a realistic and actual vehicle and the Animated version is creative license, the design ques are there. They both have three sets of wheels and a front cab section unlike the Prime version that is more of a large closed in jeep.


Body type – Prime Bulkhead: Initially the spot in the Prime line was to be Ironhide  but they decided to recreate Animated Bulkhead in a more serious and bit more intelligent being. You can really see the connection although movie Hound is a bit more leaner.


Personality – Kup: The addition of Kup like attitudes, being grumpy, seasoned vet and always throwing in his 2 cents help round out the character. 


Added firepower – Beast Wars Rhinox: Both carry large Gatling guns, the fact there is some vaguely overlapping traits and they are both large and Green just adds to it.


The Medic – Ratchet: Since Ratchet is dead and no one was available I guess the medic went to Hound since in The Last Knight he is sporting Red Cross decals on his altmode. (This is not a huge spoiler if you have not seen it yet, he does not do medic like things, they just added them to him with no explanation.)


The Beard: Facial hair is something that has been around for a long time. Characters like Scourge, Alpha Trion, Wreck-Gar and even Unicron all sported Goatees and even Movie Jetfire was sporting a beard among a bunch of other movie characters. Hair? of course not, it was left unexplained to the movies when they went with wires.


The Cigar: The addition of a cigar, is a nice throwback to Kup smoking one in the IDW comics. 


The Voice – John Goodman: And of course we have to mention the voice of the character. Now I don’t know if he is the right choice for Hound, I thought he should be more gruffer sounding but at times it worked well. Even his face picks up on John’s looks in some ways.


Mix them all together, add more fire power and we get this guy:


I found an image of Hound without his helmet sporting a nifty Autobot tattoo on the back of his head.


I also found an alternate head model that was discarded, a clean shaven Hound without the helmet that has a completely different look.


So there we have it, Hound has endured and for good or bad he is memorable. He is a mix of different characters to create a new one. this of course could just be me seeing all this, what do you think? leave comment here or in the link that brought you here and tell me what your thoughts.


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