Product review: Takara Transformers Collection #6 Megatron (G1 reissue)

Hello everyone, I am so excited to bring you this article. I have wanted a G1 Megatron since 1984, they do not come up for sale around me very often and finances are what they are he has alluded me to this point. I did not really care which version of him (and there is roughly 13 releases in a few versions) as long as I got him. And now I was able to pick him up and I am so happy. He is heavier then I thought he would be. The first time transforming him I was a little overwhelmed but now I can transform him with no problems. So without further ado here he is:

2003 – Takara – Transformers Collection #6 Megatron: This is a very complete version of Megatron. his Accessories are a 2 piece silencer, a 2 piece stock, a telescopic sight (fusion cannon), a chromed laser cannon gun, a chromed sword, 20 red plastic bullets, and a energon mace (this is a clear purple plastic attachment taken from a G1 cartoon episode when Megatron faces Optimus Prime in a dual). He is a G1 version but the firing mechanism is included (unlike the Hasbro addition).  The box is hinged with two sections, the toy in one and his accessories divided between the two. It also includes a front section that contains a mini poster of all versions of Megatron, and a catalog of the other reissues. I know you want pictures and so here you go.

















well there you go, I know this may be a smaller article but it does not have to be huge, to read more about Megatron read about his history here and about his different gun versions here, his tank versions herehis dinosaur version here, the voice behind Megatron hereor for even Galvatron here, also a Galvatron product review hereOk we will see you soon.


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