Takara Microchange line that became Transformers

Welcome back, after writing about the Takara Diaclone line, I felt inclined to follow up with the other line that Hasbro used to make Transformers that Takara brought out. This one was called Microchange and it features some realistic looking every day objects that can turn into robots. You may notice a few numbers missing and that is because those ones do not fit into the theme and Hasbro did not use them. (although I did add some that Hasbro did not use but fit the scope of this article) Other numbers may seem out of place but I decided to reorganize them to make better sense rather than the numbered order. If you want to read more about them go Here!


Micro-cassettes: A few versions were available of each of the three models that turned from robot to a micro cassette.


  • MC-01 Micross: A micro-cassette in Blue transforms into a robot, he would later become Frenzy, the same mold would be released with MC-10 Cassette Man in Red who would be Rumble for Hasbro. (There was also a Blue and Red version later in the line that was not picked up by Hasbro.)


  • MC-02 Jaguar: The Black version was used by Hasbro to make Ravage. (near the end of the line a Blue version was released but was not used by Hasbro.)


  • MC-03 Condor: The Red version was used by Hasbro for Laserbeak. but they passed on the Blue version. Hasbro switched the Red for Gold to make Buzzsaw and He was unique to Hasbro and not Takara.


Cassette players: Placed here for obvious reasons, 2 models were available and both were completely different molds.

  • MC-10 Cassette Man: The words “Cassette Man” molded on the cassette door, he came with fake earphones, microphone and a cassette that is the blue version of MC-01 Micross Hasbro would offer him as Soundwave in a slightly different shade of Blue and switched out the cassette to offer MC-03 Condor Buzzsaw instead, (they also removed the wording on his cassette door) I have the Takara version. (also he was not meant to be a walkman as some think, he was meant to be a micro cassette player)


  • MC-21 Radi-Cassette Robo: Meant as a Ghetto blaster, he was available in two color schemes “Red” and “Blue” He came with an AM radio in the form of a fake Micro cassette that could used alone or plugged in the main toy’s cassette deck controlled by ON and PLAY buttons, while using a pair of included real headphones. A pair of batteries in his leg, would amplify the signal from the cassette without the use of the headphones .The speaker plug, was in the way so the micro cassettes could not fit in his tape deck but could fit in a compartment in the toy’s back. The red deco was altered with addition of yellow to be used for Blaster, (they also removed the radio parts, the cassettes could be now stored in his tape deck)


MC-04 Mini Car Robo: These were small cars meant to be robots changing into toy cars, they were in the style of another Takara line called Choro-Q (also known as Penny Racers in the English-speaking markets) they were super deformed, (out of proportion). These would become the 1984 selection of an ongoing sub line called Mini-bots.


  • MC-04-01 Porsche Turbo 924: Available in Yellow, Blue and the Red version became Cliffjumper (although some of the Yellow versions made it into Hasbro blister cards)


  • MC-04-02 Familia 1500 XG: Available in Yellow, Blue and red, it was over looked by Hasbro. (known as Bumblejumper by the fans, due to the Yellow version showing up on Cliffjumper blister cards, The name is a mix of Cliffjumper and Bumblebee, it was later shortened to Bumper)


  • MC-04-03 Volkswagen Beetle: Also available in Red, and Blue, while the Yellow version was used by Hasbro for Bumblebee (The red version also showed up on Blister cards)


  • MC-04-04 4WD Off-Road: A Blue 4 wheel drive truck with Red parts was unchanged becoming Gears for hasbro (no other colors were available, Hasbro would later offer it in Red with White parts as Swerve)


  • MC-04-05 Jeep: This all in-closed Green Jeep went straight into being Brawn for Hasbro. (Only available in this color scheme, Hasbro issued him in tan colors with a small retool of his wheel to hold a gun and named him Outback)


  • MC-04-06 Trans Am: The red sports car became Windcharger (Only available in this color scheme, Hasbro issued him in white with a light blue robot chest and gave him the name Tailgate)


  • MC-04-07 Truck: The little truck that could sometimes pull opitmus’s trailer or have another full sized transformer drive him via size changing became Huffer (Hasbro also retooled him to become Pipes in Blue)


  • MC-05 Camera Robo Microx: Three robots who combine into one camera By Hasbro he was only available for mail in with money and robot points as Reflector (the cartoon version was completely different in color scheme and design and would appear to be more than 3 robots on occasion)


  • MC-06 Watch Robo: Unused by Hasbro until much later in 1992 in G2, This was a functioning watch that transformed into a robot. the Takara version came in four versions (black, blue, chrome, and Gold). The Hasbro version  was only available in Chrome (named Autobot) alongside four other Takara transforming watches that were released in 1986 (Galvatron, Scorpia, Superion, Ultra Magnus)


Gun Robo: realistic guns were all the rage back then, it was nothing for kids to play with them, I myself had a firing gun that I made sharp wooden bullets for to shoot at things, so a gun that transformed into a robot was every kid’s dream. Today’s PC era will never allow this except for the Masterpieces and Reissues but it will never see main stream toys again. 4 different models were offered, I placed them altogether for obvious reasons.

  • MC-07 Gun Robo 1910 Browning: A realistic 1910 Browning available with either red or blue robot parts. (unused by Hasbro)


  • MC-11 Gun Robo S&W Magnum 44: A realistic looking Smith & Wesson Magnum 44 hand gun with a revolving chamber, in a choice of either brown or gold hilts. (unused by Hasbro)


  • MC-12 Gun Robo Walther P-38: (unused by Hasbro) A realistic Walther P-38 that came with a gun, sword, and plastic pellets. (he could fire them) It came in either Black with a Brown grip, or Grey with a Black grip. (both had Blue inner arms and legs) 


  • MC-13 Gun Robo Walther P-38 U.N.C.L.E.: same as MC-12 Gun Robo Walther P-38 but included a set of gun extensions. (Stock, Silencer and scope) and in only one color scheme of Silver with a Black handle, with Red inner arms and legs. Hasbro used this version for their Megatron(Although the firing gimmick was removed along with the pellets)


The term “U.N.C.L.E” came from the 1964 TV show “Man from U.N.C.L.E.” one of the main characters used a similar weapon with all the extensions as seen here, although minus the ammo clip. (the original gun was a 1934 7.65mm German Mauser pistol but the gun proved to small when all the accessories were added and did not look right.)


One more that was used that may not have been the most popular

  • MC-20 Micro Scope: A working telescope in mostly Black also had a third mode of a tank that could be used for micromen figures (basically making him a diaclone figure as well)  He was recolored in Red and Blue to become Hasbro’s Reflector.


Now for a few that were not used at all:

  •  MC-17 Lock Robo Dial Man: He transforms from a working combination lock to a robot. (unused by Hasbro because what use could he be? Megatron: “Lockup stay behind and keep the hide out secure!” He is worse than Aquaman, at least that guy is good for water adventures!)


  • MC-18 Lock Robo Magneman: another lock but this time a key padlock. (yep you guessed it, overlooked by Hasbro, I guess Optimus Prime did not care if he left the Ark unlocked) 
  • MC-19 Binocular Robo Scope Man: A pair of working binoculars transforms into a robot. (never used by Hasbro, but you would think he would be handy for any leader to see incoming enemies, which either side he was on)


Well there you go, I enjoyed bringing you this article, hunting down everything to show you want things looked like and I hope you enjoyed it to, until next time.. take care 

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