The Prime linage (many primes revisited and extended)

Hello every one, I recently was asked about what Primes there were before Optimus and Rodimus. So after pointing towards my past article on the subject I realized how old it is and how different the style I had back then and it was without pictures. This made me want to redo it but I thought maybe just do another Article for the subject and here we go. Initially these names came from what is called “G1 continuity family” a grouping of slightly different alternate realities that all similar, but I have decided to branch out and add more non G1 one content.

  • Primus: one of the biggest transformers ever known next to his in-story brother Unicron and is basically the planet Cybertron and created all the transformers from his body and the Prime name is taken from him. His face is locked in a chamber deep within the planet and looks a lot like Rodimus Prime (which seems to a recurring theme.) He also got a toy which is really cool.



  • Prima: He was the first Transformer. Created by Primus, he was appointed the Warrior of Light and given the legendary Star Saber sword with the Matrix of Leadership in its hilt. Chosen to lead the Thirteen against their eternal enemy Unicron. 


  • Nova Prime: The first to use the name Prime sometimes as a first name or as a last name or rank title and became Nemesis Prime a really bad dude. He also got a toy.


  • Guardian Prime: the first commander of the Autobots and died in battle in the early days of the war against the Decepticons. He looked pretty much like Rodimus Prime.


  • Zeta Prime: His stint as Autobot leader appears to have been a short-lived one, as he died before the end of the war and was succeeded by Sentinel Prime. He has a few different looks but one was similar to Optimus but in different colors of Orange and Blue with Grey head and hands


  • Sentinel Prime: first named Sentinel Major, He also looked very much like Rodimus Prime in the comics and was replaced by Optimus Prime but he has had a few different looks and a few different toys.


  • Optimus Prime: Orion Pax would become the leader we all know and love.


  • Rodimus Prime: The red and yellow guy has had many names mostly shortened to just Rodimus, but also Hot Rodimus, Rodimus Major or Minor… He was also known before hand as Hotrod.


Other Prime beings with names that include part of prime that got thrown out or put into one alternate universe or another.

  • Primon: the forgotten Prime, in one such history he was before Prima but the Matrix forgot him. also known as Alpha Prime.


  • Nominus Prime: This Prime had a short reign and is another one who is not mentioned in the main list but was prime after Nova Prime.


  • Dynasty of Primes: Coming from the movie continuity, this tells of a group of Primes bearing 7 members in the film but 13 in the novel and comics. These were the ruling class of Cybertron who was betrayed by one of their own.


  • Primal Prime: Hailing from the Beast Machines portion of the G1 continuity. He was built by an alien race called the Vok by using an abandoned control suit and the Matrix energy. This Prime is basically a newborn but has the memories of prior Primes.


  • Leo Prime: Also known as Leo Convoy and is the subject of an article I will be completing at some point, please stay tuned. He exists in the later part of the Beast Wars era 


  • Modus Prime: A mini-con leader from the classic era. Not much is known about him except he was killed by the decepticon Broadside.  He looks like a cross between Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.


  • Sentinel Zeta Prime: Not to be confused with Sentinel Prime or Zeta Prime, he comes the Transformers Prime continuity where prime is a different rank then usual where there is more than one at a time.



  •  Longarm Prime: Another from the Prime series, he was actually Shockwave in disguise as a double agent.


  • Big Bang Prime: From the Animated series, he was bonded to Beta Supreme who was one of the Omega Sentinels 


  • Override Prime: Another Animated Prime and the only known female to hold the title (although like the prime series this is a rank multiple officers can hold, unlike it though is that it is under the rank of Magnus) she was bonded to the Omega Sentinel Kappa Supreme.


  • Fire Prime: Yet another Animated Prime that died in the great war, he is most likely based on the 2001 Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime’s super mode, and the name comes from Optimus Prime’s Japanese name Fire Convoy.


Nemesis Prime: Found in many continuities is normally a clone of Optimus and will be the subject of an article some day.


Now for a few non-Primes that get confused for Primes:

  • Optimus Primal: From the Beast Wars continuity he took on the name Optimus Primal in honor of Optimus Prime. He does not hold a matrix. 


  • Ultra Magnus: Overlooked by the Matrix that was given to him by the dying Optimus Prime, he became the second in command under Rodimus Prime. 


  • Alpha Trion: pretty much like Ultra Magnus, he was given the Matrix but it did not choose him. He held on to it till it chose Optimus Prime as it’s next bearer. (in one continuity.) He is also one of the oldest living transformers.



Scourge: Similar in design as Nemesis Prime he was an autobot protoform (something I will get into in another article) that Megatron stole and programmed to be a Decepticon, it scanned Optimus Prime and took his form, his skill, but none of the compassion or mercy Optimus showed.


The Fallen: In the movie continuity he was a prime but else where he was one of the first 13 transformers and was the one to oversee entropy. He also was originator of the Decepticons and was originally named Megatronis in one continuity. 


So this is where I wrap up with Optimus Prime is the biggest Prime ever since he is where most of us began, Rodimus Prime has often been a but of a few jokes or labeled a let down comparatively. The rest have become a big pile of confusion that I hope I have helped clear up. Until next time, transform and roll out -Transformerdan 

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