The best Transformer Toys picked by the fans.


Welcome back, a few weeks ago I asked a question in all the Transformer groups I belong to. What is the best Transformer toy to buy, no matter the toy line. I took all the answers and totaled them up and made this article. 

  • 5) Masterpiece Soundwave: This entry is a really good one, he came out a few times by both Takara and Hasbro. Takara MP-13, Takara MP-13B (a black redeco named Soundblaster)  Hasbro MP-02, Hasbro Toys R Us Year of the Goat exclusive (molded in a mix of orange and translucent plastic.) He comes with one to five cassettes (depending on the version) and lots of accessories and details.


  • 4) Combiner Wars Devastator: This entry is almost a no-brainer, I fell in love with it and found it highly detailed and a very outstanding modern interpretation of the G1 Devastator  I wrote about the constructicons HERE and HERE. 


3) Thrilling 30 Springer: I clearly agree with this one, I liked it right away. A triple changer that clearly looks like the character although not cartoon accurate, it makes up for it in style.


2) Titan Returns Triggerhappy: This one was a surprise to me, since it was not a character I am familiar with recently, sure I barely remember him from the comics but he is not one that comes to mind easily. Also it go so many votes to wind up so high on the list surprised me as well. He is very Cartoon accurate and faithful to the original G1 toy. A very good choice.

titans-return-deluxe-triggerhappy-2 (1)


1) Masterpiece-10 Optimus Prime: This was a clear choice by a lot of people. This was surprising to me since there has been so much saturation of toys bearing the name Optimus Prime over the years that one would be on the top of so many people’s lists. 



I thank you all for the participation and I wish I could give you all credit here but there was so many. Some of the responses were not what I expected, no one was really rude. Although some thought I should not be asking this question for collecting is a personal choice. All of the answers were interesting and there were so many choices. The replies ranged from Generation 1, Generations, to Masterpiece to Third Party to Knock Offs   to collect them all!!!! I really love the fact that so many people love transformers no matter personal choice. We all have that line or year we discovered TF. We could hate on or discredit Hasbro’s choices like The Action Masters. Sure we can collect, love or despise the Cartoons, the Movies, Entire lines, Gimmicks, the Characters, the Good, the Bad, the Ugly…. We love the same thing, thank you all. I have now moved into the paid domain for this blog, I am so happy to bring you stuff I am so in love with. Here is to further dialog and information on Transformers. 





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