My Favorite re-used Molds of all time.

Hey every one, in this article I will talk about my favorite molds of all time, not characters that have used them but the actual molds. Let’s face it, Hasbro and Takara love to reuse molds all the time and there are some seriously creative and beautiful Transformers that just beg to be re-used. I also want to note that for G1 toys, I will try to not include Re-issue / Encore / Commemorative additions if they are straight out copies of the same toy. So here goes:


they have two great modes and one fan improvised mode where the two axes can plug differently into the wings to give it a more G1 cassette-ish look, his nose cone drops down to give it more of a bird look and the legs come down to complete a nice homage to pre-earth Laserbeak for #4. In jet mode, they can plug into either Mindewipe or Dreadwing that #1 or #2 come with respectively. I love this mold and I would love to get them all but for now I have #4.

  1. SKYSTALKER (Hasbro – 2009 – Revenge of the Fallen) **pictured below.**
  2. SMOKESCREEN (Takara – 2010 – Tokyo Toy Show) **two tone blue repaint.**
  3. SUNSPOT (Hasbro – 2010 – Transformers) **Yellow and White repaint.**
  4. LASERBEAK (Hasbro – 2010 -Generations.) **Red, Silver and Black repaint.**



A wonderful toy, his wings detach to be come single blades for each hand or double blades for bottom and top of one hand. I have the Ratbat version.

  1. SIDEWAYS (Hasbro – 2005 – Cybertron) **pictured.**
  2. NOISEMAZE RYOSAN GATA Version (Takara2006 –  Galaxy Force DVD exclusive) **Uses a lightly different version of the same head, the ear pieces are a bit longer and more curved.**
  3. RATBAT (Hasbro – 2008 – Universe) **Purple, because Ratbat!!!**
  4. SCOURGE (Hasbro – 2009 – Botcon exclusive) **retooled head.**
  5. SWEEPS TWO (Hasbro – 2009 – Botcon exclusive) **scourge head, different paint.**
  6. SWEEPS SIX (Hasbro – 2009 – Botcon exclusive) **same as #5.**
  7. SWEEPS SEVEN (Hasbro – 2009 – Botcon exclusive) **same as #5.**



Originating in Takara’s Diaclone line, the car mode is so faithful to the real Lamborghini Countach and his robot mode is very good and a believable one at that. (Although he lacks articulation in his legs.) He has become a favorite among  many great molds of his era. 

  1. No.15 NEW COUNTACH LP500S Red (Takara – 1983 – Diaclone) **red variant, came with a robot driver.**
  2. No.15 NEW COUNTACH LP500S Yellow (Takara – 1983 – Diaclone) **Yellow variant, came with a robot driver.**
  3. No.15 NEW COUNTACH LP500S Black (Takara – 1983 – Diaclone) **Black variant, came with a robot driver.**
  4. No.19 New COUNTACH POLICE CAR (Takara – 1983 – Diaclone) **Police car variant, came with a robot driver.**
  5. SIDESWIPE (Hasbro – 1984 – G1) **reuse of the above red variant. Autobot logo added, no robot driver. Pictured below.**
  6. SIDESWIPE (Hasbro – 1984 – G1) **red variant painted Black instead of Red, Red parts instead of Black and bright green details, new weapon.**
  7. RED ALERT (Hasbro – 1985 – G1) **Police car variant redecoed to be a fire chief’s car, Autobot logo added, no robot driver.**
  8. DEEPCOVER (Takara – 2003 – e-HOBBY exclusive) **reuse of the above Black variant Autobot logo added, no robot driver.**
  9. TIGERTRACK (Takara – 2003 – mail-away exclusive) **reuse of the Yellow variant Autobot logo added, no robot driver.**
  10. CLAMPDOWN (Takara – 2003 e-HOBBY exclusive) ) **reuse of the Police car variant Autobot logo added, no robot driver.**



 One of the best molds to come out of the Classic era (now lumped together as Generations) sometimes slightly modified with some parts being remolded for better transformation or retooled / redecoed for specific Seekers by Hasbro and Takara. Also Botcon and Transformers Collector’s Club (TCC) has used these molds for exclusives. The list includes but is not limited to:

  1. STARSCREAM (Hasbro – 2006 – Classics) **This was a brand new mold and is a very nice one!**
  2. STARSCREAM (Takara – 2008 – Henkei! Henkei!) **A more cartoon like paint job but has two vacuum-metallized barrels on his missile launchers. **
  3. STARSCREAM (Hasbro – 2009 – Universe) **Different shades of colors, with some minor changes to the sculpt.**
  4. STARSCREAM (Hasbro – 2009 – Ghost Version) **clear plastics used.**
  5. STARSCREAM (Takara – 2012 – United) **an even closer cartoon accurate paint job but with Blue and Red metallic paint applications.**
  6. STARSCREAM (Hasbro – 2015 – G2 colors – TCC exclusive) **In his G2 colors with Grey camo on his wings**
  7. THUNDERCRACKER (Hasbro – 2007 – BotCon exclusive) **Starscream mold in Blue of course.**
  8. THUNDERCRACKER (Takara – 2008 – Henkei! Henkei!) **His color scheme is more cartoon accurate but in a metallic Blue**
  9. THUNDERCRACKER (Hasbro – 2011 – Generations) **Slightly darker blue and different striping. He was long anticipated for a North American general release.**
  10. THUNDERCRACKER (Takara – 2013 – United) **Lighter blue colors**
  11. THUNDERCRACKER  (Hasbro – 2011 – Action Master BotCon exclusive) **In bright Red, Purple and Green with a Gold face… after the ugly colored Action Master….**
  12. SKYWARP (Hasbro – 2006 – Target exclusive) **Starscream mold but in Purple of course… Sold with Ultra Magnus, he can be hard to locate.**
  13. SKYWARP (Takara – 2008 – Henkei! Henkei!)  **slight mold changes and color changes.**
  14. SKYWARP (Takara – 2012 – United) **A more show accurate color scheme.**
  15. RAMJET (Hasbro – 2007 – Classics) **remolded head and wings in White, Grey and Red.**
  16. RAMJET (Takara – 2008 – Henkei! Henkei!) **A more show accurate color scheme with brighter Red and less Grey.**
  17. RAMJET (Hasbro – 2011 – G2 colors – TCC exclusive) ** Repainted to resemble his G2 color scheme.**
  18. RAMJET (Takara – 2012 – United) **A more show accurate color scheme.**
  19. THRUST (Hasbro – 2007 – BotCon exclusive) **Ramjet mold, new thrust wings.**
  20. THRUST (Takara – 2009 – Henkei! Henkei!) **A more show accurate color scheme.**
  21. THRUST (Hasbro – 2010 – Generations) **an even more show accurate color scheme.**
  22. THRUST (Takara – 2012 – United) **a different color scheme again.**
  23. DIRGE (Hasbro – 2007 – BotCon exclusive) **Ramjet mold but in Blue and Brown.**
  24. DIRGE (Takara – 2008 – Henkei! Henkei!) **Ramjet mold, new Dirge wings**
  25. DIRGE. (Takara – 2012 – United) **a different color scheme again.**
  26. ACID STORM (Hasbro – 2008 – Universe) **Starscream mold in Green with Brown and Yellow**
  27. BITSREAM (Hasbro – 2013 – BotCon exclusive) **Starscream mold in Blue**
  28. HOTLINK (Hasbro – 2013 – BotCon exclusive)**Starscream mold in Purple**
  29. SUNSTORM (Hasbro – 2013 – BotCon exclusive) **Starscream mold Yellow**
  30. NACELLE (Hasbro – 2015 – TCC exclusive) **Starscream mold, Thrust wings in Red, White and Blue.**

There is also a multitude of Knock off Seekers in various colors but I chose not to list them.



This a solid mold that looks like a realistic large wild cat and has two weapons, one is his tail and the other is his gut that is a water gun. I love this toy. They made a few different cats out of one mold. (A cheetah, a Tiger, a Panther and a Snow Leopard are not the same in appearance or size…. but who cares…) 

  1. CHEETOR (Hasbro – 1996 – Beast Wars) **Yellow body with Black spots, Blue beast eyes, Gold Robot eyes variant, very rare, meant to be a Cheetah**
  2. CHEETOR (Hasbro – 1996 – Beast Wars) **Red beasteyes, Gold Robot eyes variant**
  3. CHEETOR (Hasbro – 1997 – Beast Wars) **Green beast and Robot eyes variant**
  4. CHEETOR (Hasbro – 1997 -Beast Wars – Fox Kids) **Green eyes variant but Blue metallic instead of Gold and Blue trim, Maroon spots instead of black**
  5. CHEETOR (Hasbro -2006 – Beast Wars – 10th Anniversary) **Green eyes variant, no gold paint, brighter yellow color, return to black spots**
  6. CHEETUS (Takara – 1997 – Beast Wars) **Red beast eyes, Gold Robot eyes variant**
  7. CHEETUS (Takara – 1997 – Beast Wars) **Dark Green beast eyes, Red Robot eyes variant**
  8. CHEETUS (Takara – 1997 – Beast Wars – TV Magazine Award) **A one of kind Golden version, most parts are made with Chromed Gold with some non-Chromed Gold parts. Eyes unknown**
  9. CHEETUS (Takara – 2007 – Beast Wars Telemocha Series) **Yellow Cheetah eyes, Red Robot eyes, more show accurate colors.**
  10. SHADOW PANTHER (Takara – 1996 – Beast Wars) **Black body with Yellow and Silver parts, Red Eyes meant to be a panther.**
  11. TRIPREDACUS AGENT (Hasbro – 1999 – Beast Wars) **Black body variant, meant to be RAVAGE, a panther.**
  12. TIGATRON (Hasbro – 1996 – Beast Wars) **Cream body with Green and Silver parts, Green robot and beast eyes, meant to be a tiger, pictured below.**
  13. TIGATRON  (Takara – 1997 – Beast Wars) **White body with Blue and less Silver parts, Black stripes are more show accurate, Red robot eyes, Blue beast eyes, meant to be a tiger.**
  14. TIGATRON (Hasbro – 1996 – Beast Wars – Toy fair Sample) **This is what the original toy looked like in the development stage, Orange body, Black Stripes, Silver and Blue parts, Dark robot eyes and Blue beast eyes, thought to be one of a kind.**
  15. NIGHTPROWLER (Hasbro – 2003 – Universe – Halloween Horrorcon) **A grey Snow leopard variant with Yellow and Gold parts, Red beast eyes and Green Robot eyes. Although the line was cancelled, one sample showed up in a Hasbro display at 2014 San Diego Comic-Con.**


G1 SEEKERS mold: 

Well since I included the classics, I thought it was only fair to visit the original G1 seeker molds. They lack in articulation in robot mode but their jet modes were ahead of the time, one of the first overly used molds from the start. A few new versions were in the test phases but were never produced except for mock ups and such, those have been included. There is also a host of knock off versions I will not go into. We begin with Takara’s Diaclone line of course.

  1. F-15 ROBO SUPER HIGH SPEED FIGHTER TYPE (Takara – 1983 – Diaclone) **pre-Starscream came with a robot pilot figure.**
  2. F-15 ROBO ACROBAT TYPE (Takara – 1983 – Diaclone) **same mold but in pre-Thundercracker colors came with a robot pilot figure.**
  3. STARSCREAM (Hasbro – 1984 – G1) **re-use of the F-15 Robo super high speed fighter type with Decepticon logos added, no robot pilot.**
  4. STARSCREAM (Hasbro – 1993 – G2) **same mold, new colors, functional rocket launchers and a lights & sound box mountable on the back portion of the jet.**
  5. STARSCREAM (Takara –  2001 – Reissue) **Takara’s release of the G1 Starscream includes spring loaded missile launchers that the Hasbro Commemorative Series also used later on.**
  6. STARSCREAM Ghost version (Takara – 2001 – e-HOBBY exclusive) **translucent plastics in Starscream colors.**
  7. STARSCREAM Black version (Takara – 2001 – e-HOBBY exclusive) **Black with Silver and Gold colors.**
  8. STARSCREAM Secret version (Takara – 2001 – Lucky Draw) **Crystal clear plastics, colorless except for the die-cast parts and rubber nose cone limited to five pieces.**
  9. STARSCREAM (Takara –  2003 – Transformers Collection) **Show accurate colors, remolded fists to allow a Megatron gun to peg in, that can also be pegged in under the Jet mode to replicate the classic G1 animated episode featuring this interaction.**
  10. THUNDERCRACKER (Hasbro – 1984 – G1) ** reuse of the F-15 Robo Acrobat-Type with Decepticon logos added. No robot pilot.**
  11. SKYWARP (Hasbro – 1984 – G1) **re-use of the Starscream mold but in a new Purple and Black colors.**
  12. SUNSTORM (Takara – 2003 – e-HOBBY exclusive) **re-use of the Starscream mold but in a new Orange and White colors with Decepticon logos added.**
  13. RAMJET (Hasbro – 1985 – G1) **Redecoed Starscream with new larger wings that have plug in top fins and larger one piece “cluster” bombs replacing the rocket launchers. Nosecone sits up over the head to complete the Conehead look of the Cartoon version.**
  14. RAMJET (Hasbro – 1993 – G2) **Redecoed Ramjet in Purple, Blue and Black.**
  15. DIRGE (Hasbro – 1985 – G1) **Redecoed Starscream in Blue and dark Yellow with new one piece wings, none firing one piece rifle barrels replacing the rocket launchers. Nosecone sits up over the head to complete the Conehead look of the Cartoon version.**
  16. THRUST (Hasbro – 1985 – G1) **Redecoed Starscream in Burgundy and Black with new wings and one piece fins, Nosecone sits up over the head to complete the Conehead look of the Cartoon version.**

This is a notable non Hasbro or Takara version. He was produced by the Kingdam Company but was licensed to them by Takara prior to or early during Hasbro’s initial run. I actually own this one and it is highly sought after by collectors


  1. STARSCREAM Kingdam 6 (Kingdam – unknown year) ** re-use of the F-15 Robo super high speed fighter type. The silver is more pearl in color and all the wings and fins are the same color as the body. The hands are black. and also comes with the robot pilot.**


These are limited non production pieces that could have been produced if G2 would have continued past the initial small run it had.

  1. STARSCREAM Black death version (Hasbro – Unknown – non-used G2 production model) **A Black Starscream variant with a gold cockpit, a mock up and a production model are the only examples known.**
  2. STARSCREAM Jungle version (Hasbro – Unknown – non-used G2 mock up) **A Green and Black camo Starscream variant, is a one of a kind.**
  3. RAMJET Sky Blue version (Hasbro – Unknown – non-used G2 mock up)**A Blue Ramjet variant, thought to be a one of a kind.**
  4. SANDSTORM (Hasbro – Unknown – non-used G2 mock up) **A tan camo redeco of the Ramjet mold, was close to being made but did not make it to production. thought to be a one of a kind.**


Well there you have it, this is small mold counts but the content is Huge, and I could have easily included more. I do own at least one toy of each of the molds listed. If you have ones to add to this, it must have at least three to four variants or more and maybe I will feature those in an upcoming article if there is enough response. So comment here or on the link that brought you here from Facebook. Thanks for reading.

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