Picked by You (My audience) The worst of the worst Transformers

Hey everybody, it is me Transformerdan back again and since the success of my last article found  HERE. I found that not everyone agreed with my picks of the worst but hey, that is what makes Transformers great. Not everyone can agree but hey all is fair in love and Transformers. So in thinking what to do next, I thought why not post the most popular worst picked by you guys, my audience. Selected from the host of comments posted on the link I posted in a bunch of groups I am a member of (not all of them are Transformer specific) Yeah so I agree with these and I am so happy that people know what they don’t like and still love transformers. So I am sorry that I could not post links to those who voiced their opinion but know I appreciated every single one of them.

  •  1986 – G1 WHEELIE:

Yeah he is bad, I agree. His futuristic car looks good but it his robot mode is where he sucks. His legs have no knees, he appears to be wearing bellbottoms and platform shoes. His arms are weirdly crooked, no elbows and no hands. he has a humpback and his face is in his chest. Yeah he is bad, luckily they fixed all that in Titans Returns with a fantastic figure.


here is the new version….


but we all have to admit this next one is not our Wheelie… seriously humpbot was bad, even Megan Fox was disturbed by it…..


  • 1984 – G1 IRONHIDE / RATCHET: 

The fault here is in Sunbow cartoons showing us normal robot forms and the pair were initially meant as piloted mechs by Takara. 


I agree they are not the greatest but it is nothing a third party head conversion kit cannot fix.


and there you go… better? I think so… still blocky and way too thin


  • 1987 – G1 THROTTLEBOTS: 

Ok I picked Wideload as the worst but some say all of them are just as bad, I own Goldbug and he is ok, but you decide. I have to admit they are all blocky with little definition. I was thinking, would this quad be good for a combiner team, Goldbug the top of the torso and head, WIdeload as the lower torso, Chase, Freeway, Rollbar and Searchlight as arms. maybe call him Throttle King… 


well… a third party company Toyworld brought out their version of a throttlebot combiner, I am sure Hasbro could do better…. (sorry Toyworld, you get props for trying, but an extra large SUV instead of a dump truck???  I dunno?)


  • 2010 – Power core combiner GRIMSTONE: 

This combiner is pretty weird looking but the whole line is not the best looking, also the dinobot limbs are only drones with no robot mode. There could be so much promise in a combiner with dinobots but they really dropped the ball here.


And the third party Toyworld did make a Dinobot Combiner and thanks to fellow blogger Toyhood we see a far superior toy that Hasbro could have made 


2018 Hasbro Volcanicus, they finally did it, 


  • 1999 – Beast Wars Neo LONGRACK: He is a Giraffe…. How could they think this would be a good toy???? did they run out of things to make, yeah well… I guess so.. His giraffe neck becomes his right arm and his tongue sticks out, and pushing it in makes his white pupils of his eyes disappear…. yeah he is ugly…. lot of this line is, another one for the “what were they thinking?” files.


speaking of Longrack, this Cybertron version is not the best either… look at that right arm, he must work out…. one arm only…. errr…. nevermind…


  • 2003 – Armada SCAVENGER: This one I never really saw much of, but I can see why people do not like it, way too blocky… but hey slap green ad purple on him and people will buy it


ummm…. this Scavenger is not any better….. did they even try???? good gawd, what is that?


  • 2009 – ROTF MIXMASTER: This one is not too bad but his other versions (and yes he had a few versions) is far worse, you be the judge 


look at the arms on this thing…. but again green….


  • 2009 –  Revenge of the Fallen DEVASTATOR:  and speaking of constructicons… Oh he is junky, he is blocky, he is the one and only ole’ iron balls Devastator (iron balls not included….. multicolored hell…. not my Devastator… )


Although a couple third party companies did very nice homages to Dev, Hasbro really piced up the ball with this Combiner wars entry… I love him. (Combiner Wars made Devastator great again!)


well there you have some of the worst picked by other people, the reaction to my last post was great and it sparked some great conversations, thanks for looking and see you next time…. and while I got you here, if you have suggestions for new posts, or anything let me know in the comments 


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