The Worst of the worst Transformers made.

Welcome back everyone. I have been thinking about some of the best transformers and logically when one does, the mind also has to ponder what the worst transformers are as well… so this got me thinking it would be a good article to write on what Transformers are worst ever to be made. I am going to discard the Actionmaster due to the fact they have been covered already in an earlier post HERE and they do not actually count as transformers as they do not transform. So now we move on to the actual bad… and I mean BAD…. REAL BAD… examples of what Hasbro or Takara has done wrong.

  • 2003 – Armada NIGHTBEAT: This little guy is a motorcycle and looks pretty good in that mode. He was sold with Armada Side Swipe and fits in a small flip panel of his larger friend. Now the down side. Basically his twin double barrelled exhaust pipes swing down and flip around to become his legs and his gas tank, head light and handlebars turn to make a head with no face. The rest of the bike just stays the same giving him a very weird and bad looking robot. No hands just wheels….. The company must have loved him since they made three other robots using the same mold.


  • 1987 – G1 WIDELOAD:  basically He is the worst of a group of worst transformers called the Throttlebots. The gimmick for these guys is simple, pull them back and let them go, they race along the floor in either car mode or robot mode. The look of these robots are weird with little to no articulation, and no definition to their bodes, they end up looking like bricks especially the dump truck Wideload who seems out of place with the rest the line as he is widely out of scale with his team mates. 


  • 2007 – Movie Legend JAZZ: Ok first off, having a front end of the alternate mode as a chest piece is a central theme dating back to the beginning, so you would think they would not screw this simple thing up but they have…. Case in point is this Jazz figure. His robot mode is simple enough, his chest is a front end of a car…. but his alternate mode is where they mess up. The fore mentioned chest piece is not his car front end…. for some strange reason they gave him two front end pieces, and the one for his chest is on the top of his roof, making him look very strange and awkward looking. Also to make it worse is the actual front end is left unpainted while his roof front end… err… I mean chest roof piece got the painted details further throwing off the look while in car mode… just shows people do not always think things through and just throw toys at us…… maybe they think we are idiots and will buy anything……  possible they think only kids will buy them so things like this do not matter…. either or, or neither does not really matter, we got a stinker here…


  • 1988 – FIRECONS: I was just going to mention one but all three are bad…. they are very simple to transform…. stand the monster like creature upright, pull the head back, turn him around and a backpack looking thing separates into two arms that swing down (two of the three have wings on these parts but poor Cindersaur does not, it is bad… maybe this is why he did not get a G2 Sparkabot release like the other two did?) . You have to ignore a second set of arms on his robot mode back that are his creature mode arms, which is just plain lazy but you have seen nothing yet… 


  • 2000 – McDonalds Happy Meal MEGATRON: Alright, I know what you are thinking… McDonald toys are bad to start with, they are cheaply and abundantly made… Right? but they are transformers and there are collectors out there that want them no matter how bad they get… But this one…. He takes the cake… this version of Megatron is basically a plastic can that opens up there is a very weird dragon-thing waiting inside and the can parts are his wings…he is a dumbed down version of another toy that is also bad…. but this version omits the robot mode and the dragon is far worse…..


  • 2000 – Beast Machines MEGATRON: here is the slightly better retail version of the above toy …. you judge!


  • 2000 – Beast Machines SILVERBOLT: At this point they must have just not cared… This monstrosity gives monstrosities a bad name… He is by far one of the worst pieces out there. Basically to achieve his alternate mode, stand him on his hands while doing the splits and a bird head pops out of his head, just ignore the robot head that is visible between the legs…. his stupid looking weapon plugs into his back to complete the wings… Like I said very very bad!!!!


  • 1997 – Beast Wars RETRAX: This is just an example of what fans call Shell-formers…. the idea here is that the robot mode is completely under a shell in creature mode and that shell in robot mode looks like a giant backpack, that extends out over his hands…. (If a pillbug alternate was not lame enough. right?) He is not the worst one but just wait….


  • 1999 – Beast Wars Neo BREAK: Now for the worst example of Shell-Forming…. an Emperor Penguin….. they were just grabbing at stuff at this point, but it was a Japanese Takara exclusive… does that make it better??? not for me…. his penguin parts are very blatantly right there…. (HAHA!! Penguin parts…. HAHA!!)  


  • 1999 – Beast Wars Neo Deadend: Another Shell-Former and was sold separately or together with the above Penguin…. (No I am not making this up) He is an Ammonite… (sort of like a squid in a shell, stop laughing!!!) He fits right inside a shell that looks like a giant peppermint candy and his gun thingy plugs into the squid head…. (Again stop laughing!!!) the only cool thing about this one is that his right shell half is a spring loaded missile that flies away with a push of a button. (ok fine laugh, I know I am…)


ok well there you have it, this entry took awhile due to time constraints on my end but I completed it, I hope you enjoyed it and maybe even laughed a bit or shook your head and wondered what were they thinking?

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