Product review: Titan Returns Galvatron

Hi there, I know it has been a long time since I put out a post but life got in the way as it always does but since I recently picked up one of the toys I have been waiting a long time for and that is Titan Returns Galvatron

The gimmick here is called Titan Masters which is a mix between the Headmaster and Targetmaster gimmicks that started in 1987. which involves a companion character that can drive the vehicle mode or becomes the head or weapon of the robot mode. This time around the companion can become the head or merge with a weapon in some cases, and pilot the vehicle and pilot the weapons which in itself is weird….

So here goes…. sorry for all the lens flair not sure how to overcome that…

the box is cool, main irk here is that it shows the full head disconnecting but it does not…. and as you can see from the top left graphic he is a triple changer…..


This is my favorite mode of the three, he is very cartoon / comic book accurate



his head looks great


this is the head without the face plate that stores inside the chest when not in use… the grey is very hard to capture in photos


here is the faceplate without the head…


Like the old Headmaster gimmick, you can switch heads and this time around they sell heads separately and in this case I picked up Brawn who’s head looks like his animation model but he does not have a body, (they may decide to make one later)



But…. he does not sit behind the faceplate good enough….


both use the same body type with a slightly different head which is the connection point for the head of the bigger figure and so it could be a snapping concern with younger children trying to force it he looks a lot like Megatron but his name is Nucleon (named after the substance Nucleon that revived fallen Transformers but gave them terrible side effects)


as you can see the head is much like a backpack for the figures


for comparison here is the new Brawn beside G1 Powermaster HiQ who is partner to Optimus Prime (note that the new Powermaster Optimus is coming, he is a Titan Master not a powermaster but he looks good but HiQ’s name has been changed to Apex for some strange reason)


the figure can sit in the gun


now for the cannon mode, the instructions shows that the tripod strut actually folds away but doing so does not allow for the legs to sit properly…


a very good nod to the original toy


spaceship mode is ok


the companion can pilot the ship, all the grey plastic really washes out in photos…


so there you have it, I really love this toy, he is easy to transform, you swapping the heads gimmick is cool, the colors are nice, he is very G1, I initially thought he should have been Leader Class to stand up to Ultra Magnus (Sorry, I just noticed one of UM’s arms slipped making it look silly) but as you can see by the next photo they look good together especially with Scourge and Cyclonus standing by who are both Deluxe Class


So I give this figure a 5 out of 5 starscream deaths… I hope to have more content coming soon and thank you for joining me


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