My top 10 list of transformers: of what I have.

Welcome back, this time around I will rate my top ten toys I currently own. So out of 277 toys you could imagine how hard it is to come up with a list of only 10 (so somethings had to be ties… too many choices, too many loves) but here goes.

  • 10: Takara Microchange MC-10 Cassette Man, this is a Pre-Hasbro Soundwave  and the main differences is mainly in the shade of the plastic’s color and Cassette Man molded into the cassette door. (He came with only one gun/battery, his back cover is intact and was with a Hasbro Laserbeak found cheaply at my local store.)


  • 9: Combiner Wars combiners, yes the whole lot of them, which I plan on getting more and I also have Cyclonus from this line awaiting limbs. I just love the play-ability of this line, so many options so little money…. I just had to  add them to the list.


  • 8: Cybertron Ultra class Cryo Scourge, early on in my collection I picked him up on discount and I have loved him ever since. He is in my favorite color (light blue) and was the biggest in my collection for quite some time, as you can see that is not the case any longer but he still is a great toy of a three headed dragon. (who doesn’t love dragons)


  • 7: Revenge of the Fallen Leader class Starscream, this was a Christmas present and one of the few movie toys I like, he is very impressive looming over other seekers on his shelf. (sorry for the drak shadowed face but the shelf is very hard to photograph properly)


  • 6: Kingdam 6 Starscream, this is a Pre-Hasbro toy that is not a knock off, he was licensed from Takara the same as Hasbro did. Even though he is in bad shape and not complete, I was offered 5 times what I paid for him. Mint in box versions go for well over a $100, I got mine very cheap but I will keep that price to myself… different wing markings, different shade of plastics, switched colors of the stabilizer fins and black hands mark the most obvious differences to the Hasbro version (yes the one pictured has blue ones but I have the black ones put away, I just like the blue ones better)


  • 5: Combiner Wars Devastator, he is a newer toy but he is fantastic and I had to have him and I moved mountains to get him…. well I just got lucky with my local store helping make this deal easier on the pocket.


  • 4: G1 Powermaster Optimus Prime, I have liked this toy since day one, I loved the story line from the comics that he was created for and I always had a soft spot in my heart for the whole Powermaster, Targetmaster, Headmaster gimmick. that is why I am happy they are returning to the headmasters. I Cannot wait to get the Titanmaster version of this one.


  • 3: Beast Machines Blackarachnia, she is one darn sexy toy in both modes, I knew when I saw her on the shelf of my local store in the vintage / secondary market section I had to have her. She is just too sweet not to have.


  • 2: G2 Sideswipe, not complete with only his gun. He is the first of my modern day collection that I bought on a whim signalling the plastic tide to come. (I still need his G1 version)


  • 1: a very hard choice so I was left with a three way tie of the Transformers I bought when I was a teenager (that I had to replace since they did not survive the onslaught of children playing at my Mother’s house over the years.) So first we have: G1 Tracks, he is 100% complete in an opened box that is in rough shape but it will do (I got it cheaply, the tech specs were cut off and I had to replace that via ebay). Second we have G1 Sunstreaker, he is complete but without the box or instruction booklet (things I am on the look out for.) Last but not least we have G1 Skywarp, he is 100% complete in an opened box (that someone cut the back flap off of so I am interested in replacing it whenever possible.) These three remind me of an earlier time before growing up got in the way, I can look at these and be that happy kid again


So there you have it, another entry and another glimpse into my collection and my love of Transformers, stay tuned more is set to come. thanks for reading

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