My top 10 list of transformers: what I want!

Ok so I have been trying to come up with new ideas and a top ten of list of different things in transformers hit me, so here is the first one, the things I need or want from 10 to 1 (I am not including anything current that will be coming out)

  • 10: G1 Scourge either the Movie version or Targetmaster version. The box would be nice after getting the figure or if it came in it, if not too expensive of course.


  • 9: The arms of or the complete Cyclonus of either the G1 one movie version or G1 target master version  I have the core bot but it is missing the arms, it was a gift from a friend as is, so it means something.the box would be ok as well.


  • 8: G1 Ultra Magnus complete or a reissue version or a Pre-hasbro Takara version in either color scheme it came in.


  • 7: all the connector pieces and accessories for G1 Devastator  I have all the bots, just need everything to connect and complete him, I would even take decent knockoffs to put him in complete combiner mode. I would even take the intact box and insert instead.


  • 6: G1 Grimlock  I have wanted this one for a long time, I love grimmy … I would even take a G2 in either of his three colors or a pre-Hasbro Takara version.


  • 5: Takara Micro change 01 Porsche Turbo 924 (Pre-Cliffjumper)   yellow and  or blue version, I also do not have a Hasbro red version so I need it as well. and / or Takara Micro change 03 Volkswagen Beetle (Pre-Bumblebee)  red and or blue version. and / or Takara Micro change 02 Familia 1500 XG (Pre-Bumper)  any of the red, yellow, or blue versions or the Hasbro red or yellow version


  • 4: any non-hasbro / takara toy from other counties. This includes a multitude of different colors mini vehicles, Optimus with red feet and a few more listed in my blog  entry in the link here: non US market


  • 3: Boxes for any of the G1 toys I already own, these include Sunstreaker, Hound, any of the 5 Seekers I do not have G1 boxes for, Optimus Prime, Rodimus Prime or Soundwave. Occasionally venders at conventions will have some kicking around, I have been able to get the boxes for Tracks & Hot Rod this way. Although Hot Rod and Thundercracker’s boxes are Commemorative and would be gladly switched for G1 versions. of course if any of the pre-Hasbro Takara boxes were to turn up I would gladly get them. (The reason for so high on the list is because I love the G1 boxes and over that I want Sunstreaker`s box over all because it is one of the three transformers I bought when I was a kid including Skywarp & Tracks that I now have boxes.)


  • 2: G1 Sideswipe, I have the G2 version, in fact he was my first buy as an adult that started my collection. I also would love to have his pre-Hasbro Takara Yellow version and his Classics version (I already have the Sunstreaker and Red Alert from the same mold)


  • 1: G1 Megatron, I love to have this one on my shelf, even in bad condition just to sit there in either mode, I would even take one of the re-issues or one of the pre-hasbro versions in either color of his three colors although the version that Hasbro used is preferable.


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