Product review: Masterpiece “Year of the Goat” Soundwave

Hello all, I just purchased Hasbro’s Year of the Goat Soundwave. Although it is part of the thrilling 30 subline of the Generations line it uses the mold of Soundwave from the Masterpiece line. It is done in clear plastic with bronze parts and is very highly detailed. This toy celebrates the year of the goat in the Chinese Zodiac and is loaded with accessories and micro-cassette tape minions. I am very happy with him and even though he was expensive I don’t care.




Seen here with Takara’s “pre-hasbro” Cassette Man from 1983


Two optional things: 1) Megatron gun (no it does not transform) 2) sensor that replaces one hand (seen in the TV show for a few seconds only once but still nice touch)


Cassette player mode


Back view, showing the speaker tubes that become piledrivers for Rumble/Frenzy


left side shot with nice details here of fake media ports and buttons


Left side shot with more fake media ports


optional cassette covering (the Masterpiece one had an insert of some kind made of paper but it was not included here)


another cool add-on is the energon cube that attaches to his chest to recreate a scene from the TV show


The cassettes, yep five of them (The only complaint is that he does not come with the 6th one Ratbat who is one of my favorite cassettes.)


Here are their robot modes


Frenzy, very nice looking cartoon accurate guy here. seen with piledrivers placed over his arms to emulate a scene in Transformers the Movie


Rumble, same as above but in different colors and seen here with his guns but he also has piledrivers



seen here with G1 Rewind since I do not own either G1 Frenzy or Rumble but they are on the list


Lazerbeak, the detail here is amazing! I am so impressed


Buzzsaw, same mold just a different paint color


flash does not work well with these guys but you can see the two different colors clearly


seen here with G1 Lazerbeak


Ravage, not so impressed with him but he is still cool


Seen here with G1 Ravage!


well there you have it, I give this a 5 out of 5 and I am so very happy. I so now want the regular addition as well along with Ratbat of course. I hope the clear plastic ages well there are horror stories of cracking and breaking. so until next time transform and roll out!

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