Product review: Combiner Wars Superion

well I decided to do a review on the Combiner Wars Superion or otherwise known separately as the Aerialbots and I have them all…. all six or seven really…

(ok so there is seven, to the five plus the two who make up the seven soon, please bear with me, I know the picture below has only 6 but I forgot to add the last one so he will  be in later photos)


first off we see Silverbolt, this is a great rendition of his G1 counterpart



Firefly is a slight name change from the G1 Fireflight


seen here with Quickslinger who is a retool of the mold


due to the terrible response fans gave Alpha Bravo (see below) first Takara gave us sling with Orange eyes and then Hasbro released Quickslinger with Blue eyes. The name had to be changed from Slingshot for trademark reasons.


not a plane but Alpha Bravo is a member of the set Hasbro created, the main reason was to be able to remold it as Protectobot Blades and Stunticon Vortex, Timelines Spinister, Generations Stormclash and Skyburst.






Air Raid



Now here is the completed Superion, I did not pay attention to the classic set up here to prove a point, All combiner wars limbs and torsos in this size class can combine together in what ever form you wish, this goes back to the original Scramble city combiners of the 80’s, also in my rush to get this done I may have not completely transformed one or two properly, it was a tough long job getting here.


here they are


but wait, I said seven right…. well I was right, they added the original Autobot Airplane Powergline as a weapon master




so there you go, sorry for the rushed job and some blurriness but I got it done and I hope you enjoyed

2 thoughts on “Product review: Combiner Wars Superion

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