what is on my shelves part 1: non hasbro stuff

hi all I know it has been awhile but I thought it way past time I did an entry and since my collection is growing, I thought maybe you all would like to see what I own and I will start with my non-hasbro stuff and move on,

Kingdam 6, Starscream: the molds were leased to other companies before Hasbro so this one example exists and is very sought over by collectors. I bought this cheaply loose and incomplete and I had an offer for it for over 5 times what I paid for it. it also has a robot pilot.



World’s smallest Transformers: Ghost Starscream, Skywarp and Sunstorm. Created by Takara I am missing Thundercracker. these guys are so small you cane see Quarter I placed for size difference. I cant transfrom them due to being so small they fall apart and take forever to put back together.


Takara Wheeljack, missing parts but these thing do not come available in the second market of used toys, so for cheap I grabbed for it/



Created by a third party company this Quintesson looks close the film appearance



IMG_20151111_211132[1] IMG_20151111_211212[1] IMG_20151111_222647[1]

Takara Cassette man: This is prehasbro Soundwave, loose and incomplete but he is a good addition to my collection



Takara Tripredacus Agent Ravage: This toy is a repaint of Cheetor  and very hard to fin complete, thanks to a friend of mine who gave this to me I am very happy



Takara United line Bumblebee: he is metallic gold, I didn’t transform him due to falling apart while trying to change him


Knock off Devastator: He is a knock but accurate to the size but his components lack a robot mode, they are hard yo put back in gestalt mode so I am leaving them as is.


Third party Ramjet: Nice looking bot to look like his Cybertronian Jet form, is not one to transform, he breaks easily


So here we go, all my non-hasbro stuff, see you soom

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