Product review: Combiner Wars Devastator

A few days back I purchased one of the most anticipated toys that people have been wanting for quite some time. Third Party toy makers have made their version and it is about time that Hasbro got with the program and give the people what they want. That toy is non other then Devastator and he is part of the Combiner Wars sub-line of the on going Generations toy line. As you know this is not the first use of the name Devastator or the team name Constructicons for more information them take a look at my past blog entries Catching up with the Constructicons part 1 and Catching up with the Constructicons part 2 

So as I was saying I picked up this toy at The Silver Snail in Toronto Ontario and there was no buyers remorse what so ever, look at the smile on my face the day I got it.


He is not the biggest toy unlike the hype stated, but is now the second biggest with being few inches shorter then the reigning big guy Metroplex, take a look at the pair on my shelf


To get a good idea how much bigger he is then his G1 predecessor take a look at this one I snapped of the vehicle modes behind the G1 versions


These are all Voyager class toys, although most are much smaller then Long haul on the far right, here is how one of them stacks up to deluxe class Swerve and voyager class Soundwave with Scrapper.


He is a very good looking toy and I am so over the moon on this one, just look at him


Now I did not snap pictures of the individual Robot modes but since I was at Fanexpo this past weekend I stopped by the Hasbro booth and snapped a photo of the display with him behind his robot modes while also being along side a boxed version of the San Diego Comic-Con 2015 version that has chromed Purple parts.


even his box is cool


even the the side of the box is nice


This is the state of my shelf unit, the smaller Devastator is a Chinese Knockoff mini version I picked up off of Ebay and paid more for shipping then I did for the toy.


I know if I had the money and space I would buy two more, just so I can have him combined mode, robot modes and vehicle modes like this photo I found online.

He is pretty easy to put together and the instructions are pretty simple

I did have a bit of tough time figuring out how to attach Long haul and Hook but I was just impatient and if you pick him up you stand a chance disconnecting one of his legs, but all in all he is super, and I am proud to get him. I would put him as a 9.5 out of 10 and so if you like transformers and G1 remakes, I heavily suggest buying this one but he is not cheap and can run you between $150-220 Canadian…. and hey if you got him let me know in the comments how much you paid for him and where. Until next time transform and roll out

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