This day in Transformers history: August 10th

Ever wonder what things happened on today’s date in history, I was curious too so I decided to do a short entry on the things that happened today.

1950 Tetsuo Gotō is born. 

  • Japanese voice of Ron Witwicky 

  • Japanese voice of Animated Dirt Boss

1966 André Sogliuzzo is born.

  • Sideswipe in Revenge of the Fallen

1969 Brian Drummond is born.

  • voice of Beast Machines Jetstorm

  • voice of Armada Blurr

  • voice of Cybertron Jetfire

  • voice of Energon Shockblast

  • voice of Cybertron Jolt

1972 – Derrick J. Wyatt is born.

  • (Art Director & Lead Character designer for Transformers Animated)  “I met him and he drew animated Bumblebee’s head in my art book”


1988 – Luis Leonardo Suárez is born.

  • Latin-American Spanish voice of Graham Burns in Rescue Bots 

2004 – Energon Tow-Line is released in Japan as a ToysЯUs-exclusive “USA Edition”.

2006 – The Kiss Players toyline kicks off with the release of “Convoy x Melissa” in Japan.

2010 – First day of the Transformers Museum event in Yokohama, Japan.

2011 – IDW published the following:

  • The Transformers #23  Chaos Theory Part 2


  • Infestation, Vol. 1 Trade Paper Back


2012 – Ion stores in Japan release the limited edition 2-pack

  •  Prime Terrorcon Bumblebee

  • Terrorcon Zori


2014 – TakaraTomy releases 2 entries in their Movie Advanced Series

  • AD27 Bumblebee

  • AD28 Dinobot Snarl.

While there may not be any really thrilling  events occurred but it is still neat to find out what happened, until next time, transform and roll out!

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