Tansformers crossovers: Marvel Heroes & Villains

With doing the Starwars cross over toys I found the information for the marvel good guys and a couple bad guys transformers so I decided to do a little entry on this while it is fresh. These toys are not all so great looking but it was a nice try at cross marketing.


Wave 1

  • Hulk – Tank

  • Iron Man – Jet

  • Spider-Man – Motorcycle

  • Venom – Muscle car

Wave 2

  • Black Costume Spider-Man – Motorcycle (a redeco of the first)

  • Hulk – Tank (a grey redeco of the first)

  • Human Torch – Jet

  • Wolverine – a rally truck


Wave 3

  • Captain America – Assault cruiser

  • Carnage (a redeco of Venom)

  • Iron Man (a redeco in War Machine colors)

  • Thor

Wave 4

  • Spider-Man – Helicopter /Iron Man – Jet combiner

  • Wolverine – a rally truck (a brown redeco)

Wave 5

  • Hulk Bulldozer

  • Spider-Man – Sports car

  • Wolverine – a rally truck (black redeco)


Wave 6

  •  Iron Man – Sports car

  • Spider-Man – Sports car (a black redeco of the first sports car)

Wave 7 

  • Iron Man – Race car (redeco of sports car mold)

  • Iron Man – Jet (redeco of original jet mold)

  • Iron Man – Assault Cruiser (retool / redeco of Captain America mold)

  • War Machine – Jet (single-packed redeco of the Combiner Iron Man jet without the Spider-Man component)

Wave 8

  • Ghost Rider – Motorcycle

  • Spider-Man (single-packed redeco of the Combiner Spiderman helicopter without the Iron Man component)


Wave 9 – initially cancelled these two figures were not announced prior to release, and were sold in Canada before being sold in closeout retailers in the United States.

  • Iron Man – Jet (single-packed redeco of the Combiner Iron Man jet without the Spider-Man component)


War Machine – Sports Car 


Mech Machines: a small line of three redecos of previous toys as part of the merchandise for the first Avengers movie

  • Captain America – Assault Cruiser (a slight redeco of the first toy in lighter Blue)

  • Iron Man – Arc Racer (a slight redeco of the first toy in golden plastic instead of Yellow and has a blue Triangle)

  • Thor – Thunder Bomber (a slight redeco of the first toy that replaces the Yellow with Black)

so there we go, not a big line but an alright one, thank you for reading and see you next time.

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