Animated body type: 65356-9292-346 (the small guys)

Billed as the most popular body type (with different heads and some other features) due to it being fuel efficient and a low profile, the 65356-9292-346 form has been chosen by some of the most famous of the Mini-Vehicle Transformers in the Animated Series, and some lesser known and unheard of ones . So I thought I would do this “small” entry. (pun intended) 

  • Albino BumbleBee: 

Only seen as a disembodied head in Lockdown’s trophy case, the reason why he was captured is unknown. The artist named him and stated he is from a different dimension where the Autobots are evil and everyone is White

File:The Arrival 4 Lockdown's cabinet.jpg

  • Bumblebee: 

Everyone knows this guy.


  • Shattered Glass Bumblebee: 

Part of the Shattered Glass dimension where the Autobots are evil but everyone is not white.


  • Bumper: 

Named after the popular fan made name of putting together Bumblebee and Cliffjumper to form Bumper the Yellow version of the Takara Micrchange MC-04 Mini CAR Robo 02 Familia 1500XG that was found on Cliffjumper blister cards in 1984

File:Animated bumper.jpg

  • Carrera: 

Named after the Brazilian company Estrela`s Blue redeco of the Hasbro`s Mini Vehicle Cliffjumper from  Takara Micrchange MC-04 #01 Porsche 924 Turbo

File:Animated carrera character model.jpg

  • Chase: 

Named after the Hasbro Throttlebot from 1987


  • Cliffjumper: 

If you don`t know Cliff, then you have been living under a rock.


  • Freeway:

The second bot to be Named after a Hasbro Throttlebot from 1987 

File:Animated freeway.jpg

  • Furão: 

Named after G1 Bumblebee’s Brazilian name in their adaptation of the Marvel comic. It means “ferret” in Portuguese.


  • Glyph: 

Named after the Botcon 2002 repaint of the G1 Bumblebee keychain mold in Blue, this one is female.


  • Hubcap: 

Named after the Takara redeco of the their Micrchange MC-04 #01 Porsche 924 Turbo in Yellow with a new head and the Hasbro G2 version of the same toy in Metallic Red.


  • Moscardo: 

Named after G1 Bumblebee’s Portuguese name that means “Hornet”.


  • Rapier: 

not much is know about this guy, except he wields a sword and he was named by  UK colourist for IDW Publishing Liam Shalloo

  • Searchlight: 

The third bot to be Named after a Hasbro Throttlebot from 1987 

File:Animated searchlight.jpg

  • Sedan:  

  • Named after the Brazilian company Estrela`s White redeco of  Takara Micrchange MC-04 Mini CAR Robo 02 Familia 1500XG or Bumper


  • Siren: 

He is named after the Autobot Headmaster from G1 of the same name. (top left corner)


  • Tap-Out: 

Named after the Botcon 2002 repaint of the G1 Cliffjumper keychain mold in Green


  • Volks: 

Named after the Brazilian company Estrela`s Orange redeco of  Takara Micrchange MC-04 Mini CAR Robo 03 Volkswagen Beetle or Bumblebee.


  • Wasp: 

Based off of the character that would become Waspinator, he is a broken guy who was framed by Shockwave and locked up and he went mad.


well that is it, not a bad entry and I found it interesting… until next time stay Prime my friends

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