Gone Batty with Ratbat!

Ratbat may bit be one with the most toys but he does not care, He is a bat and bats are cool! So I thought I would do a short entry about him…. not meaning he is short or anything… don’t tell him I said so!!!

  • 1986 – Hasbro – Micro-Cassette class – (Weapon Variant 1) Ratbat: One of two variants of weapons, He transforms from a Micro-Cassette into a Purple Bat with in this case 2 Gold weapons that attach on his back


  • 1986 – Hasbro – Micro-Cassette class – (Weapon Variant 2) Ratbat: One of two variants of weapons, He transforms from a Micro-Cassette into a Purple Bat with in this case 2 Silver weapons that attach on his back (the lighter purple in the picture is just a lighting effect)


  • 1986 – Hasbro – Micro-Cassette class – (Detail Variant 1) Ratbat: One of two variants of tape details, This version has a painted tape details with a lighter shade of purple in the top portion, it is unknown if it relates to the weapon variants or not.


  • 1986 – Hasbro – Micro-Cassette class – (Detail Variant 2) Ratbat: One of two variants of tape details, This version has sticker tape details with a darker shade of purple in the top portion, it is unknown if it relates to the weapon variants or not.

  • all Hasbro variants of the above toys were random and sold in a 2-pack with Frenzy (no one knew there was 4 variants to much later)

  • 1986 – Takara – Micro-Cassette class – Ratbat: Sold by himself in the Japanese markets by Takara, it is unknown if any variants made it into the mix or just the Gold with Stickers version

  • 2008 – Hasbro – Deluxe class – Universe Standoff Beneath the Streets” Ratbat: Over 20 years later and Ratty gets love. He is a fully fledged humanoid robot that transforms into a Bat inspired space craft in Purple! He is a repaint of Cybretron Sideways. A Target exclusive in the states and found in Zellers in Canada he was in a 2-pack with Springer.

  • 2009 – Hasbro – Unknown class – Animated Ratbat: Sold with Electrostatic Soundwave, he transforms from a Black and Purple Bat into a Keytar (a Keyboard/guitar hybrid, not sure why Soundwave needs an instrument but ok!)

  • 2009 – Takara – Unknown class – Animated Ratbat:  The Japanese release replaced the Purple on his face and wings to Silver and the Red bars on his wings to Gold.

  • 2009 – Hasbro – Micro-Cassette class – Universe Ratbat:  A Hasbro Toy Shop exclusive that was later at San Diego Comic Con 2009 He is basically just re-release of the original toy and comes packed with Soundwave, Laserbeak, Ravage, and Buzzsaw. 

  • 2009– Takara – Micro-Cassette class – Encore Ratbat: He was released as part of TakaraTomy’s Encore line,  reissued along with Slugfest, Ramhorn, and Steeljaw.

  • 2012 – Hasbro – Legend Class – Ratbat: Part of the Fall of Cybertron line, he came packed with Frenzy in a 2-pack. he is a repaint and extensive redeco of Laserbeak and is a Purple Bat that turns into a Datadisc that can launch from the chest of Soundblaster, Soundwave or Blaster from the same line and also has an auto transformation gimmick by pressing a button on the bottom. Takara also released this version in a slightly different shade of Purple 

  • 2013 – Takara – Deluxe Class – Ratbat: A retool / repaint of Generations Scourge this incarnation has a humanoid form and a Boeing X-48 blended wing body concept aircraft. It also has a third form that buyers have created as a homage to the Transformer Mindwipe

  • 2013 – Hasbro – Micro Cassette Class – Linkin Park Ratbat: Gold version of the G1 version and comes with Gold redecoes of Laserbeak, Soundwave, Ravage, and Buzzsaw and was exclusive to SURU (an internet store no longer available) and limited to 2000 pieces. This product was fully authorized by the band Linkin Park

  • 2013 – Takara – Micro-Cassette class – Shattered Glass Ratbat: An e-Hobby exclusive as part of a set featuring  Soundwave, Slugfest, Blaster, Rewind, Ramhorn, and Solarbot in an alternate reality where Autobots are bad, and Decepticons are good. A repaint of the Original G1 Ratbat toy in White and Blue 

2014 – Hasbro – Unknown class – SDCC 2014 Kights of Unicron Ratbat: A San Diego Comic Con exclusive and part of a set that features  Optimus Prime, Jazz, Megatron, Laserbeak and Soundwave in a rock band theme with cloth and fake hair. He basically is a slight repaint of the Animated version with Gold stripes along his wings.

2013 – Takara – Masterpiece class – Ratbat: As part of the Masterpiece line, He comes packed with Soundblaster, He is a whole new mold and has hid rockets built in to his cassette mold.

2015 – Hasbro – Mini-con class – R.I.D Ratbat:  transforms from a bat into a Cybertronian torpedo. He includes translucent accessories, which can be attached to him using tabs and slots. Some of these parts can be combined with others from Beastbox, Sandsting and Velocirazor to form a shark.

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