The return of Skylynx

Sky Lynx was created by Japanese toy maker Toy Box but he was developed by Tomy on behalf of the original maker in the early 80’s and in 1986 Hasbro leased the right to the toy from Toy Box, much later in 2006 Tomy and Takara merged and someone found in the files the Sky Lynx development information and making the Takara – Hasbro circle even smaller. I cannot find pictures of the pre-Hasbro toy so we will start with the Hasbro version.

  • 1986 Hasbro – Unknown class – Sky lynx: There is two version, although very slight retool, they changed a hinge on the thruster panel for it to extend more. He is a suppose to be a prehistoric bird that transforms into a space shuttle with a launch pad transporter that turns into a lynx. The two can combine into a larger half bird half lynx creature.

  • 2006 – Hasbro – Mini-Con Class – Cybertron Sky Lynx: A repaint of another toy “Gunmetal” he transforms into a Green cargo plane or a 6 barreled gun.

  • 2008 – Takara: Released him as part of their Encore series, since they now owned the rights they could finally release him into the Japanese market.

2011 – not official – Unknown class – Botcon custom Sky Lynx: A custom creation for Botcon 2011 art show, it is only worth mentioning due to it being cool.

  • 2013 – Hasbro – Deluxe Class – Beastwars Skylynx: a redeco of Skystalker he transforms into a two toned Blue and White winged dragon. He was a Target exclusive in the North American markets.

  • 2016 – Hasbro – Voyager Class – Combiner Wars Sky lynx: This version is yet to be released and debuted at Boncon 2015, He transforms from a shuttle into a prehistoric bird, he does not have the Lynx part but he does transform into a Torso for a combiner named Sky Reign that just happens to have a Yellow Lynx head.


So We are done, I am sorry it is so short but when I found out they were making a new toy I just had to make an entry and I am also sorry it is so late I had some personal problems making it hard to concentrate.

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