Transformers collectibles: The Loyal Subjects.

The Loyal Subjects is a company that makes Vinyl figures of many pop culture icons including Teenage Mutant Turtles, Power Rangers, G.I.Joe and most importantly for this blog… Transformers! They also have a clothing line and make other products, please check out their website when you have time

The sizing for these figures are mostly around 3″-3.5″ high, but there some larger figures available. They do not transform, have limited mobility in the limbs but do come a part. some feature spring loaded parts and LEDs built in. They mostly come blind packed with different rarities making them very collectible with rarer figures costing a lot in the secondary market, the Exclusives and bigger toys have their own packaging.


8 standard figures

  • Bumblebee 
  • Jazz 
  • Grimlock 
  • Megatron 
  • Optimus Prime 
  • Soundwave 
  • Starscream 
  • Thundercracker

3 chase figures

  • Illest Jazz
  • Cybertron Megatron
  • Cybertron Bumblebee 

Reprint WAVE 1: (re-released the same 8 standard figures plus 3 different chase figures. White and black foot stamps are first run, gold foot stamps are second run.) 

  • Metallic Megatron 
  • Gold Jazz
  • Cliffjumper

WAVE 2:  (this wave included ball joints and the size increased somewhat)

8 standard figures

  • Mirage
  • Prowl
  • Ramjet 
  • Shockwave
  • Shrapnel 
  • Sideswipe 
  • Slag 
  • Thrust

1 special figure

  • Talking Optimus Prime (comes with an Energon Axe and a voice chip with Optimus Prime voice actor Peter Cullen’s voice)

2 chase figures

  • Dirge 
  • Skywarp 

Wave 2 Hot topic pack: (a special set for Hot topic stores, some figures stayed the same, others were switched out for new ones)

  • Grimlock (5.5″ high with a Dino head, replaces Mirage) 
  • Talking Optimus Prime (5.5″ high replaces Prowl)
  • Shrapnel 
  • Sideswipe 
  • Slag 
  • Snarl (replaces Soundwave)
  • Thrust
  • Ramjet 
  • Dirge (chase)
  • Bluestreak (chase, added)
  • Skywarp (chase)

Wave 3: (10 figures instead of 8, also this was the first time that LED’s and moving parts were added)

  • Blitzwing 
  • Longhaul
  • Rumble 
  • Scrapper
  • Trailbreaker
  • Wheeljack
  • Bonecrusher
  • Laserbeak 
  • Sludge
  • Swoop
  • Sunstreaker (chase)
  • Hound (chase)
  • Frenzy (chase)

Other larger figures: 

  • Shockwave (8″)
  • Nemesis Prime (8″)
  • Blank/DIY Optimus Prime (8″ special all white version where the buyer can customize it with paint, markers, whatever)
  • OG Optimus Prime (8″red & blue)


Store exclusives:

  • Sunstorm  (Toy Tokyo exclusive)
  • Starscream and Cobra Commander  (Newbury Comics exclusive)

Gamestop Exclusives
  • Red Alert (is an entirely new character)
  • Talking Optimus Prime (has new G1 toy accurate paint job)
  • Slag (has new G1 toy accurate paint job)
  • Sideswipe (has new Cartoon accurate paint job)
  • Prowl (has new Cartoon accurate paint job)
  • Shrapnel (has new Cartoon accurate paint job)

Loyal Subjects exclusives:

  • Ultra Magnus Prime  (general retail/TLS webshop, was limited to 500 pieces.)
  • Cybertron Edition 2-pack Grimlock and Soundwave (TLS webshop, was limited to 700 sets)
  • Rainmakers 3-pack; Acid Storm, “Blue Seeker” and “Yellow Seeker” (general retail/TLS webshop, was limited to 500 sets)

San Diego Comic-Con 

SDCC 2013

  • Midnight Cybertron Megatron (was limited to 500 pieces.)
  • Dead Optimus Prime (8″, was limited to 300 pieces.) 
  • Silver Bullethole Optimus Prime (8″, Exclusive to the BAIT booth, limited to 200 pieces)

SDCC 2014

  • Shattered Glass Dinobots  3-pack – Grimlock, Slag, and Snarl (was limited to 500 sets.)
  • Autobots 3-pack – Invisible Mirage, G2 Sideswipe, and Smokescreen (was limited to 500 sets.)
  • Ghost Seekers 3-pack – Ghost Dirge, Ghost Ramjet, and Ghost Thrust (was limited to 500 sets.)

  • Gold Bullethole Optimus Prime (8″, Exclusive to the BAIT booth, limited to 200 pieces per unit.)
  • Black Gloss Bullethole Optimus Prime (8″, Exclusive to the BAIT booth, limited to 200 pieces per unit.)
Alright, I know this is another small one but I have been thinking of doing this entry for some time, I own The Loyal Subjects Ramjet and I like him, I would buy more if given the chance. Thank you for reading and see you next time.

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