Can’t trap a Rat with Rattrap and Packrat!

Rattrap is no fool, He maybe mouthy, sarcastic, rude and smells but he is no fool! So I am not grasping at straws here, this one I have been thinking about for a long time. Rattrap was created for Beastwars and really IMO does not correspond to any G1 Autobot like Cheetor does to Bumblebee and Rhinox to Ironhide. I got to the end of Rattrap and decided to throw in Packrat who has shared a mold with him, lets start

  • 1996 – Hasbro – Basic class – Beastwars Rattrap: Considered a “shell former” toy where the bulk of his robot mode is hidden under plates that make up his creature form. He transforms into a Grey rat that does not have articulation in the legs.

  • 1996 – Takara – Basic class – Beastwars Rattle: Like some Takara releases Rattrap had a name change to Rattle and some paint changes to make him more screen accurate. He was given Copper Chromed paint over the already Copper plastic and his eyes were changed from Yellow to Red. Along with the single release he was also in a 2-pack with Beastwars Terrorsaur in a two pack Rattle Vs Terrorsaurer.

  • 1998 – Hasbro – Deluxe class – Transmetal Rattrap: This version is a semi-organic robot transforms into a robotic rat and has a third mode where his legs fold up allowing for wheels to extend and a pair of exhaust pipes to rotate up becoming a “Rocket Racecar Rat” He is decked out in Grey and Brown with the addition of Red Chrome.

  • 1999 – Hasbro – Deluxe class – Walmart Exclusive Transmetal Rattrap: A repaint of the Transmetal toy but in Blue Chrome and only available at Walmart.

  • 1999 – Takara – Deluxe class – Beastwars Metals Rattle: As like the first release he also has some color changes, the Takara name change and along with the single release he was also in a 2-pack with Beastwars Transmetal Terrorsaur in a two pack Metals Rattle VS Metals Terrorsaurer.

  • 1999 – Takara – Deluxe class – Beastwars Metals Rattle Special Version: A White, Orange and Metallic light Blue redeco of the original toy and only available with a  jigsaw puzzle from Central Hobby.


  • 2000 – Hasbro – Deluxe class – Foxkids Transmetal Rattrap: Produced for Foxkids reruns of the Beastwars this one has more Red.

  • 2001 – Hasbro – Mega class – Beastmachines Rattrap: A new bigger mold now in Green, Silver, Red and Yellow, He transforms into a techno-organic rat and has a third form where his knee plates become wheels with the folding up of his lower legs. Takara also released their version with little to no differences except packaging. (kind of reminds of the color scheme for G1 Wheeljack)

  • 2006 – Hasbro – Deluxe class – Beastwars 10th Anniversary Rattrap: A different shade of Grey for the this anniversary addition of the Transmetal version. Like all of the line he came with a DVD of a Rattrap spacific episode of the Beastwars cartoon and a part for the build a bot Transmutate.

  • 2006 – Hasbro – Scout class – Timelines Dawn of Future’s Past Axelon Rattrap: A redeco of Cybertron Ransank in Brown, Yellow and Grey was an exclusive for Botcon 06 (see my blog entry on botcon exclusives for more information.) was suppose to be a pre-Beastwars version.

  • 2014 – Hasbro – Deluxe class – Generations Thrilling 30 Rattrap: Another anniversary toy for Rattrap, this guy is cool, he is everything the original could have been, he is still a “shell former” and does not have much articulation in his rat mode except he can stand upright and his head moves down. He is a far more believable rat, his robot mode is show accurate in Grey, Silver, Copper and Orange with a pop out clear plastic demolition charge (that looks like a pair of binoculars) in his arm for him to hold and also comes with two clear plastic blasters that turn into one. His origin is now on Cybertron as a rat.

  • 2014 – Takara – Deluxe class – Legends Rattle: A redeco of the Hasbro release in Silver, a different shade of Grey and muted Yellow replacing the Orange and Copper,

  • 1997 – Hasbro – Basic class Fractyl & Packrat: A repaint in Blue, Grey and Gold of the original toy. He was sold with Fractyl in a 2-pack at Botcon97 (see my blog entry on botcon exclusives for more information.) 

  • 2015 – Hasbro – Deluxe class – Timelines Packrat: A Blue, White and Copper version of the Generations Rattrap sold in a box set at Botcon2015 (see my blog entry on botcon exclusives for more information.) 

Well there you go, a bit on the small size but so is Rattrap, have a good one and see you next time.

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