Optimus Prime: Call him Convoy! part 2

Welcome back to my review of Convoy, for those who skipped part 1, Convoy is the Japanese name for Optimus Prime and this entry deals with just the Takara (or Takara-Tomy) releases.

  • 2004  Takara  – Unknown class – Robotmasters G1 Convoy RM-01A much smaller version then Masterpiece but takes many design cues from the Mp line and was intended for smaller budgets and comes with two sets of hands, one set has round holes for use with his normal energon-axe and gun and the others with square peg holes for the missile launcher. There was also a Robotmasters cartoon that was out at the same time.

  • 2004  Takara  – Unknown class – Robotmasters G1 Convoy + DVD RM-10Same as the other version but with metallic paint, Autobot symbols on both shoulders instead of just the left, a Black gun instead of Silver and a DVD containing the first episode of the Robotmasters cartoon

  • 2005  Takara  – Unknown class – Robotmasters G1 Convoy Limited Black Version RM-01A Mail in repaint of the G1 Convoy in Black and Silver with a Gold Shield like weapon, and a Silver Axe along with Black version of his gun and Blue and Silver Missile Launcher.

  • 2005  Takara  – Unknown class – Robotmasters G1 Convoy Lucky Draw RM-01: This is very rare at 10 pieces, nicknamed the “Crayola Convoy” by fans and was based on a color scheme of Orange, Blues and Greens determined by the winner of Magazine coloring contest.

  • 2006  Takara  – Unknown class – Hybrid Style Convoy T.H.S.-02: A small figure that measures three and three-quarter inches tall but has a high amount of detail and complexity. It comes with a highly detailed trailer combat deck, roller, ion blaster, gas pump, energon axe, matrix of leadership, a rocket pack, 8 fists (4 of each) and an Autobot insignia stand

  • 2006  Takara  – Unknown class – Hybrid Style Convoy Version T.H.S.-02B: A Black, Teal and Red version that comes with all the same accessories plus two new large guns and two additional (blue) heads that are G2 inspired.

  • 2006  Takara  – Unknown class – Kiss Players Convoy X Melissa: A  redeco of Alternators Optimus Prime with Metallic Red instead of the original’s Flat Red. He comes with an engine block gun (a signature of all Alternators), A Pink Surfboard that can turn into two small knives or a large double bladed sword and a PVC figurine of a girl named Marissa Faireborn who has two sets of legs and arms and can also perch on his shoulder or in his cab.  He is not a Trailer truck but a fully licensed Dodge Ram SRT-10.

File:Kiss Convoy toy.jpg

  • 2007  Takara  – Unknown class – Sports Label Convoy Nike Free 7.0: Transforms into a fully licensed Nike running shoe (That could not be worn of course)

  • 2007  Takara  – Unknown class – Sports Label Convoy Nike Free 7.0 Marine Version: A redeco of the first but in more of an Ultra Magnus color scheme.

  • 2007  Takara  – Unknown class – Encore Convoy: Another reissue with no real changes to the original G1 mold.

File:Encore convoy.jpg

  • 2007  Takara  – Unknown class – Music Label Convoy White: Officially licensed by Apple this trailer is a Ipod docking station. His cab does transform into a robot and is a redeco of the G1 mold but in all White.

  • 2008  Takara  – Unknown class – Music Label Convoy Exile: A repaint of the first but done for a promotion for the Japanese pop band called EXILE in all Red with Yellow.


  • 2008  Takara  – Voyager class – Henkei! Henkei! Convoy: A slight redeco of the Classics Optimus Prime to match both the G1 cartoon and toy more.

File:Henkei convoy.jpg

  • 2008  Takara  – Voyager class – Henkei! Henkei! Convoy Clear Version: Cast almost entirely in translucent plastics. Nicknamed “Crystal Convoy” by fans, was an exclusive for the Tokyo Toy Fair 2008 (limited to 1000 pieces) then available through e-HOBBY. 

File:Henkei clear convoy.jpg

  • 2008  Takara  – Voyager class – Henkei! Henkei! Convoy Lucky Draw: Like most lucky draw toys it is entirely in Gold Chrome and limited to 5 toys for a contest. (it was cast in gold plastic then painted with gold chrome, some fakes out there skip the gold plastics)


  • 2009  Takara  – Voyager class – Alternity Convoy Ultimate Silver: He transforms into a car for the first and not last time. He is a 1:32 scale fully licensed Silver Nissan GT-R, with die-cast metal parts, opening hood, trunk and doors, as well as a sculpted interior. (he doesn’t even look like a prime)

  • 2009  Takara  – Voyager class – Alternity Convoy Vibrant Red: Same as the earlier one but in G1 colors. (if it was not for the G1 color scheme you would not know he was who he is!)

  • 2011  Takara  – Legends class – EZ Collection Convoy 1st wave “blue”: A slight repaint of the 2010 Reveal the Shield Optimus Prime (basically the rubsign was replaced with painted autobot symbol


  • 2011  Takara  – Legends class – EZ Collection Convoy 2nd wave “black”: His Blue legs turned Black

  • 2014  Takara  – Legends class – EZ Collection Convoy Anniversary Clear Version: Cast in clear Red and Black plastics. Only available at some events in 2014

  • 2014  Takara  – Unknown class – MP-10A “Bape Green Version” Masterpiece Convoy: Same as the MP-10 version but in Green with the normal White or Silver strip now in Green Camo, this a return to the Bathing Ape exclusive reissue of 2011 G1 “Bape Green” Convoy and comes with  Ion blaster, Matrix of Leadership, energon-axe,  with no trailer/Combat Deck, Roller, or Spike Witwicky .

  • 2014  Takara  – Masterpiece class – MP-10 Masterpiece Convoy Mode ‘Eva”: Same as the MP-10 version with  Ion blaster, Matrix of Leadership, energon-axe, trailer/Combat Deck, Roller, and Spike Witwicky . This was Limited to 1,000 pieces and released as part of the Transformers X Evangelion crossover and so he is in the Eva-01. color scheme of Green and Purple.

There are of course a whole bunch of other Convoys from just about every line made and I would be at for part 7 or 8…. but I will stop here. Hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading.

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