Transformer Conventions Exclusive toys part 2

Welcome back to part 3 and the last part of my review of the  BOTCON TOY EXCLUSIVES:

  • Botcon 2010 – Generation 2: Redux: A the toys had a G2 theme to them.

1) box set ($305, bagged $210): Autobot Spark, a redeco of Universe Inferno, Streetstar, a redeco of Universe Prowl, Clench, a retool of Universe Onslaught, Breakdown, a retool of Universe Sideswipe, Sky-Byte, a retool of Energon Sharkticon (this marks the third time G2 Breakdown has been a Botcon toy exclusive.)

2) At show souvenir package 1: Rapido and Cindersaur, a retool of Universe Prowl and Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Megatron respectively.

3) At show souvenir package 1: Double Punch a redeco of Energon Scorponok and Turbomaster with Shattered Glass Ravage redecos of Universe Hound with Ravage

4) At show souvenir package 1: Three Sharkticons (Land Shark/Air Shark/Sea Shark), redecos of Energon Sharkticon. (although they have three different names, they are the same toy in the same colors)

5) Customization Exclusive: Sideswipe, a redeco of Universe Sideswipe

6) Attendee-Only Bonus Exclusive: Decepticon Slice, a redeco of Energon Downshift

  • Botcon 2011 – The Stunti-Con-Job: An animated take on the Stunticons (non-combining), with another Breakdown (this time G1) and another Sideswipe

1) box set ($315, bagged $210): Dead End a redeco of Animated Jazz, Breakdown a retool/redeco of Animated Rodimus Minor, Drag Strip a redeco of Animated Arcee, Wildrider a retool/redeco of Animated Blazing Lockdown, Motor Master a retool and redeco of Animated Optimus Prime.

2) At show souvenir package 1: Sideswipe and Toxitron, redecoes of this box set’s Breakdown and Animated Optimus Prime respectively. (another G2 Sideswipe)

3) At show souvenir package 2: Shattered Glass Galvatron and Shattered Glass Thundercracker , redecos of Cybertron Evac and Classics Starscream respectively.

4) At show souvenir package 3: Three Autotroopers, retools/redecoes of Animated Ironhide.

5) Customization Exclusive: Minerva, a redeco of Animated Arcee.

6) Attendee-Only Bonus Exclusive: Fisitron, a redeco of the souvenir package Autotrooper

Botcon 2012 – Transformers Invasion: Another Shattered Glass set.

1) box set ($340, bagged $250): Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus a retool of Transformers Optimus Prime, Shattered Glass Turbo Tracks a redeco of Transformers Turbo TracksShattered Glass Soundwave a retool of Universe Classics Series IronhideShattered Glass Treadshot a retool of Transformers Special Ops JazzClassics Gigatron a retool of Revenge of the Fallen BludgeonClassics Metalhawk a retool of Generations Thunderwing

2) At show souvenir package 1: Shattered Glass Optimus Prime and Classics Kick-Over, redeco of Transformers Optimus Prime and a retool of Transformers Jazz respectively.

3) At show souvenir package 2: Shattered Glass Octopunch and Classics Spinister, redecos of Transformers Sea Spray and Dark of the Moon Vortex respectively.

4) At show souvenir package 3: Shattered Glass Junkions: redecos of Wreck-Gar, Scrap Iron, Junkheap all in Insecticon colors.

5) Customization Exclusive: Shattered Glass Longarm a redeco of Reveal the Shield Jazz that came with an alternate Shockwave head and gun arm, this is a nod to the Animated Autobot Longarm that was in fact a Decepticon spy named Shockwave.

6) Attendee-Only Bonus Exclusive: The Bard of Darkmount, a redeco of Generations Darkmount.

Botcon 2013 – Machine Wars: Termination: Modeled after the Machine Wars toys released in 1997 as a Kay-Bee Toy Works exclusives after the success of Beast Wars to bring back the vehicles to the forefront.

1) Box set ($365, bagged $275) Hoist a retool of Generations Sergeant KupSkywarp a retool of Revenge of the Fallen DirgeStrika a retool of Generations WarpathObsidian a retool of Transformers HighbrowMegaplex a redeco of Prime: Robots in Disguise Dreadwing

2) At show souvenir package 1: Mirage and Thundercracker, redecoes of Classics Mirage and the Machine Wars: Termination box set Skywarp respectively.

3) At show souvenir package 2: Sandstorm and G2 Autobot Electrons, redecoes of Dark of the Moon Skyhammer and the Machine Wars: Termination box set Hoist respectively.

4) At show souvenir package 3: Bitstream, Hotlink, Sunstorm known collectively as The Rainmakers are redecoes of Classics Starscream (I have Hotlink to stand in for Classics Skywarp)

5) Customization Exclusive: Blastcharge Strika Drone, a redeco of the Machine Wars: Termination box set Strika.

6) Attendee-Only Bonus Exclusive: Starscream, a redeco of Transformers Terradive

  • Botcon 2014 – Pirates vs Knights:

1) box set: Pirates (bad guys) Cannonball a retool of Prime RatchetFerak and Tornado, a redeco of Universe Cyclonus, Scorponok a retool of Energon Scorponok and Encore Spike WitwickyKnights (good guys) Devcon a retool of Generations Scourge and Ginrai a redeco of Classics Optimus Prime.

2) At show souvenir Knights package: Alpha Trizer, Apelinq, and Flareup, redecos of Prime Thundertron, Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Optimus Primal and Prime: Robots in Disguise Arcee respectively.

3) At show souvenir Pirates package: Hunter and Brimstone redecoes of Timelines Protoform X and Generations Air Raid respectively.

4) At show souvenir The Dread Pirate Crew package: Pounce and Wingspan redecos of Prime: Robots in Disguise Vehicon and Prime: Arms Micron Jet Vehicon respectively and includes two Minicon redecos of the Arms Micron Igu.

5) Customization exclusive: Primal Prime a redeco of Knight Apelinq

6) Attendee-only bonus figure: Flamewar a redeco of Beast Hunters Arcee

  • Botcon 2015 – Cybertron’s Most Wanted: This convention is set for  June 18th to June 21st 2015 but the Box set toy exclusives were revealed online one by one from March 31th to April 27th 2015. The other toys have not been announced yet except for one “At show souvenir package” will include an unnamed redeco of Thrilling 30 Chop Shop. I have included all the toys that have been announced so far

1) Packrat a redeco of Generations Rattrap.

2) Battletrap a retool of Generations Springer.


3) Autobot Stepper with Nebulon, a redeco of Reveal the Shield Special Ops Jazz with a redeco of Universe Nightstick

4) Megatron with Scalpel, Heavyweight and Boombox, a retool of Prime: Arms Micron Silas Breakdown with redecos of Prime: Arms Micron Magi, B.H., and Gora.

5) Oilmaster, a redeco of Generations Swerve and Flanker in a new Pretender shell based on an unused Double Pretender when the original line was stopped.

Well that is it, we have gone through all the Botcon exclusives so far, I hope you enjoyed this bit of a detour from my normal entries, I enjoyed this very much since I was only aware of a handful of these toys. see you next time.

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