Soldiering on with Ultra Magnus part 1

Across the multiple realities that Transformers exist in, there usually is an Ultra Magnus among the Autobot troops fighting against the Decepticons in one function or another. In the “G1 (1984)” universe he is friend and ally to Optimus Prime, more a soldier then anything and more used to taking orders then giving them. In the “Robots in Disguise (2001) universe he is the brother to Optimus Prime who resents that he did not get the matrix of leadership instead of his brother. In the “Animated (2008)” universe he is the Supreme Commander of the Autobots. In the “Aligned (2010)” universe he is the Commander of the Wreckers, and one of Optimus Prime’s closest lieutenants. One thing is for sure he has had his share of toys and this is why we are here. (Quite often He is a redeco of Optimus Prime as was his first Diaclone incarnation was of Battle Convoy who became Optimus)

  •  1983 – Takara – Unknown classDiaclone Powered Convoy “Chrome” version: A Blue cab over tractor trailer car carrier where the White flatbed carrier bed has Chrome plates, the Red and Black second level has connectors are in Blue. (There us a gift set that comes with a Red Mirage and a Black Tracks) Comes with ally Powered Buggy (a small transformer that converts to a dune buggy), a wheeled chestplate, and a Diaclone robot pilot.

  • 1983 – Takara – Unknown classDiaclone Powered Convoy “Grey” version: Same Blue cab over tractor trailer car carrier but where the flatbed carrier bed is completely in Grey and the other parts are basically the same. Also comes with ally Powered Buggy, a wheeled chestplate, and a Diaclone robot pilot.

  • 1985 – Takara – Unknown classTranform Jr./Gokin Ultra Magnus: Surprisingly this Takara version predates Ultra Magnus by a few months apparently and is an attempt to appeal to children at less cost, He is redeco of their Convoy figure and even comes with a redeco of his gun. The Wheels are solid White like the rest of him and his Light blue windows are painted on. His trailer is cardboard and meant to be assembled by the buyer and does not become armor. (I do not understand why he would be called UM when He was out before the Movie that spawned the toy by that name and Convoy was not named Optimus)

File:Ultramagnus jr.jpg

  • 1986 – Hasbro – Unknown class G1 Ultra Magnus: Same as above but the colors have changed to a White cab, upper bed is White and Blue instead of Black and White, the connectors are lighter Blue and the flatbed is Red. Chest and Head swapped colors as well.

  • 1987 – Takara – Unknown classTranform Jr./Gokin Ultra Magnus vs Galvatron: The same Transform jr / Gokin figure with no changes, but with a vinyl Galvatron, and a a die-cast figurine of Metroplex.

File:Tfjr magnus galvatron.jpg

  • 2000 – Takara – Unknown classReissue Ultra Magnus: No differences from the Hasbro release except for packaging.

File:Reissue ultra magnus.jpg

  • 2000 – Takara – Unknown class – Shining Magnus: A reco of the first reissue with a Yellow cab and a trailer made of translucent Yellow. He is intended to recall the moment in the The Transformers: The Movie, where he bathed in the light of the Matrix of Leadership. (Although the light in the movie was blue, so who knows why!) He was limited to 800 pieces and available at the 20th Century Toy Museum toy show 2000 in Yokohama, Japan. (The toy is strangely known as “Urine Magnus” among collectors)

  • 2000 – Takara – Unknown classYokokuhen MagnusAnother redeco of the first reissue but in the same exact color scheme as the Takara Diaclone Powered Convoy “Grey” version, but to explain this they say it is to reflect the early The Transformers: The Movie promotional footage featured UM in his Diaclone colors and is called the “Movie Preview Version” available exclusively at Tokyo, Japan Toy Festival 2001 and was limited to 1,500 pieces.

  • 2000 – Takara – Super class – God MagnusHe is again amassive car-carrier vehicle similar in ways to his G1 incarnation but able to carry all three cars. His cab is White top with a Blue bottom that has Silver Grills and his trailer is Metallic Grey. He can combine with Fire Convoy of the same line to create God Fire Convoy. (both toys were available separately or in a two pack)

  • 2000 – Takara – Super class – Black God MagnusA Black repaint of the earlier God Magnus was extremely rare by it self with only 10 units being reported, it was offered in a TV Magazine prize draw but later in the same year was available in the “Black God Fire Convoy” giftset with Black Super Fire Convoy (who also was only available through a contest).

  • 2000 – Takara – Super class – God Fire Convoy Special Clear Version: A Toys’R’Us Japan exclusive repaint 2-pack of both Super Fire Convoy and God Magnus in metallic translucent plastics with some color changes including Gold windows.

  •  2001 – Hasbro – Super class – R.i.D. Ultra MagnusA repaint of the God Magnus toy but with non-metallic paint in lighter shades, he can combine with the repaint of Super Fire Convoy who is Optimus Prime (his story line brother who he forced into combining with him, hoping to get access to the Matrix of Leadership) This version was also available in 2003 as an exclusive from Sam’s club and the only difference is the shade of Blue used. in 2006 he was available as an exclusive at Costco in a 2-pack with R.i.D. Optimus Prime. (note that this is the first Ultra Magnus not to be a repaint of Optimus)

File:RID Ultra Magnus Toy.jpg

  •  2001 – Hasbro – Spy Changer class – Ultra MagnusA much smaller and simplistic version of the R.I.D. UM in basically the same color scheme and form.

  • 2002 – Hasbro – Unknown class – Commemorative Series Ultra MagnusBasically a reissue of the first 1986 G1 UM and was also reissued in 2012.

  • 2004 – Hasbro – Ultra class – Commemorative Series Ultra MagnusA redeco of Armada Overload, transforming into a weapons trailer/aircraft launcher pulled by a much smaller truck that fits into the chest of the UM figure. He came packed with a redeco of the Space Mini-Con Team. (Initially meant to be packed with redecos of the Street Speed Mini-Con Team but it was changed at the last minute)

  • 2004 – Hasbro – Deluxe class – Universe Ultra MagnusA redeco of  Armada Optimus Prime, He transforms into a long-nosed tractor-trailer cab (no trailer) and was available only in a “Battle in a Box” set with his Mini-Con partner Over-Run, and the Decepticon Treadshot and Mini-Con partner Nightbeat. It was available only at  Kohl’s and other specialty type shops.

  • 2004 – Takara – Masterpiece class – Masterpiece Ultra Magnus: A White and Blue redeco of Masterpiece Optimus Prime (both did not come with a trailer) He was also released in 2005 and 2008.

  • 2004 – Takara – Unknown class – G2 Laser Ultra MagnusA redeco of Laster Optimus Prime who transforms into a White, Dark Blue and Grey mid 90’s Western Star 4964EX extended hood truck with a Light Blue, Grey, White and Red tanker trailer.

With such a big entry I decided to cut it down into two parts so I leave you here right after 2004 and see you soon for our thrilling conclusion (lol)

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