Transformer Conventions Exclusive toys part 3

Welcome back and now let us carry on with BOTCON EXCLUSIVES:

  • OTFCC 2003 – 4 toys: Universe Sunstreaker, ( A hotel room exclusive see my Sunstreaker blog entry)Sideswipe (an exclusive at the convention but by himself), both redoes of RID Prowl. A 2-pack of Roulette & Shadow Striker, both redecos of the RID Side Burn with an all-new head sculpt. (the first of two Official Transformers Collectors Conventions that replaced Botcon until it could be revived)

  • OTFCC 2004 – 2 toys: 1) Universe Megazarak – A redeco of Armada Megatron with no electronics 2) Universe Sentinel Maximus – A redeco of Armada Overload that was not available at the show, and was mailed out by Hasbro months later after OTFCC collapse (The second and last Official Transformers Collectors Convention)

  • Botcon 2004 – Action Master G2 Breakdown: Created from bootlegged Action Master Sideswipe parts, was unofficial, and was not Hasbro approved (This was the only year Botcon was unofficial before it’s actual return and was run a month earlier then OTFCC 04)

<strong>botcon-2004-am-breakdown-014.jpg</strong><br /><b>Arrow Key Shortcuts:</b> <i>left</i> = previous, <i>right</i> = next, <i>down</i> = zoom-in, <i>up</i> = zoom-out.

  • Botcon 2005 – “Descent into Evil” set: 1) Buzzclaw a redeco of Beast Wars Fuzor  of the same name 2) Chromia a retool of Energon Arcee 3) Deathsaurus  a retool of 2001 RID Megatron 4) Dirge a different redeco of the above Buzzclaw 5) Fallback  a redeco of Energon Strongarm 6) Ironhide a retool and redeco of Energon Tow-Line 7) Ricochet a redeco of the G2 Hooligan (the first year to use the going forward title of “Timelines”)

  • Botcon 2006 – Dawn of Future’s Past4 Different packs. (a convention comic tie in Dawn of Future’s Past – intends this set to be a prequel to the Beast Wars)

1) Convention Box Set  of 5 ($249, bagged $129) – only available to those who registered for the ‘Primus Package’  also included a badge, the Convention Comic, and five redecoed Planet X Cyber Planet Keys made to look like the Golden Disk. Axalon Rattrap – A redeco of Cybertron Ransack. Axalon Rhinox – A redeco of Cybertron Landmine. Axalon Cheetor – A  redeco / retool of Cybertron Clocker. Darksyde Dinobot – A  redeco of Armada Hoist. Axalon Optimus Primal – A redeco / retool of Cybertron Crumplezone.  (a cheaper non attendee ‘Iacon Package of the toys only was available bagged.’

2) Attendee-Only Bonus ToyUnit 2/(Tigatron), a redeco of the Cheetor exclusive toy with tiger-stripe seat covers, was provided as a bonus to those who picked up their ‘Primus Package’ box set in person.

3) Convention Souvenir 2-Pack (bagged) #1 –  Darksyde Megatron & Darksyde Waspinator – A retool / redeco of Cybertron Defense Red Alert and Machine Wars Skywarp respectively. limited to 500

4) Convention Souvenir 2-Pack (bagged) #2 – two bagged toys, Laserbeak and Buzzsaw – both Redecos of Energon Divebomb and limited to 500

  • Botcon 2007 – Games of Decepticon: They kept the same toy package structure of the year before

1) Convention Box Set of 5 ($279, bagged $179) Only available to those who registered for either  Package and included a badge, Comic, bio cards, and both sold out well in advance. (for the first 300 received an exclusive Bug Bite pin.) Bug Bite – A redeco of Classics BumblebeeDreadwind – A redeco/retool of Classics JetfireThundercracker – A redeco of Classics StarscreamDirge – A redeco of Classics RamjetThrust – A retool of the wings on parts from both Starscream and Ramjet. (These came out before the generations versions of all the seekers did, with only Starscream and Ramjet available, these jets were redecod to look like their G1 selves.)

2) Attendee-Only Bonus ToyMirage, an unpainted translucent Blue plastic version of Classics Mirage as a bonus to those who picked up their ‘Primus Package’ in person.

3) Convention Souvenir 2-Pack (bagged) #1 – Alpha Trion and Weirdwolf – A redeco / retool of Cybertron Vector Prime, and a weirdwolf inspired redeco of Cybertron Snarl. limited to  1,400

4) Convention Souvenir 2-Pack (bagged) #2 – Springer and Huffer – Redecoes of Cybertron Defense Hot Shot and Cybertron Armorhide respectively. limited to  1,400.

  • Botcon 2008 – Shattered Glass: A take on an alternate universe where the Autobots are bad and the Decepticons are good.

1) Convention box set ($285, bagged $189): -a set of five toys was available for those who registered for either Package. The set also included a badge, the convention comic, bio cards, and for the first 100 registrants, an exclusive pin. Both versions of the set sold out in advance, so the BotCon 2005 Descent into Evil set was provided as an alternative. Optimus Prime, a redeco of Classics Optimus PrimeGrimlock, a redeco of Classics Grimlock in Trypticon’s color scheme, Goldbug, a retool of Cybertron Hot ShotAutobot Jazz, a retool of Cybertron CrosswiseStarscream, a redeco of Cybertron Voyager class Starscream in Jetfire’s color scheme, Mini-con Razorclaw, a redeco of Classics Overbite.

2) Attendee-Only Bonus ToyRicochet: a redeco of Shattered Glass Autobot Jazz, only for those who picked up their ‘Primus Package’ set in person.

3) Customization Class ToyNightbeat: a redeco of Timelines Nightbeat.

4) At-Show Souvenir Toy 4-packe: Megatron, a retool of Energon Megatron, Rodimus, a redeco of Classics Rodimus and Divebomb, a redeco of Classics Dreadwing. (noted that Megatron and Rodimus are shown only, no clear photos of a group shot have been found)

5) At-Show Souvenir Toy 6-pack: Blurr, a retool of Armada BlurrSideswipe with Whisper, a redeco of Armada Wheeljack with Wind Sheer respectively and Rampage, a redeco of Classics Snarl. (With the version of Wheeljack, this version of Sideswipe has also switched sides and slashed out his symbol)

  • Botcon 2008 Wings of Honor:

1) Convention box set ($295, bagged $199): Kup, a retool of Cybertron Red AlertFlak, a retool of Cybertron Defense ScattorshotLandshark, a redeco of Energon LandmineThunderclash, a redeco of Energon Rodimus, and Scourge, a retool of Cybertron Sideways

2) Attendee-Only Bonus Toy: Leozack, a redeco of Energon Starscream

3) Customization Class Toy: Shattered Glass Thunderclash, a repaint of this box set’s Thunderclash.

4) At-Show Souvenir Toys 2-pack 1Skyquake and Banzai-Tron, redecos of Energon Starscream and Energon Mirage respectively.

 5) At-Show Souvenir Toys 3-pack: Three Sweeps, redecoes of this box set’s Scourge

6) At-Show Souvenir Toys 2-pack 2: Elita-1 and Razorclaw, a redeco of Cybertron Thunderblast and a retool of Cybertron Leobreaker respectively.

So I hate to draw this out any further but I need to stop here and see you next time for part 3

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