Don’t trash the Junkions

No one is quite sure how the Junkions came about, are they descendants of either a colony of Cybertronians who willingly settled on the world or survivors of the many ships that crashed on the planet. We may never know but the premise of these transformers has been interesting. When the Autobots crashed landed on Junkion (planet of junk) they encountered these strange robotic beings who attacked them but with a simple universal greeting Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong from the Autobot Kup and all was good. The Leader Wreck-Gar talks in a patched together language made up of bits and pieces of TV show and movie quotes and commercial dialog that is quite humorous. When damaged they can rebuild themselves from the junk around them and can also help repair non-natives as well like Ultra Magnus. They have become the best scrap metal salesbots in the universe. Although they have not had many toys they do have some and it is interesting to look at them.

  • 1986 – HASBRO – Deluxe Size – G1 Wreck-Gar: for almost 20 years the only toy for Junkions was their leader Wreck-Gar who transformed into a motorcycle in Brown, Orange, Red, Black and Cream colors vaguely resembling the one he turned into in the movie but his face did not really match.

File:G1 Wreck-Gar toy.JPG

  • 2004 – TAKARA – Deluxe Size – Collectors addition DetritusTwo years shy of 20 years without a Junkion and Takara gives us one. He is a repaint of G1 Hound who is a Mitsubishi J59 off-road vehicle in Cream, Beige and Brown and lacking almost all the chrome of his G1 mold mate.  He was only available through Takara’s e-HOBBY service.

  • 2008 – HASBRO – Voyager Size – Animated Wreck-Gar: Not actually from the planet of Junk but created on earth during the Transformers Animated Cartoon he does share both the Wreck-Gar name, the color scheme and the same pension for junk and an unexpected connection so I included him. He transforms into a Garbage truck (which is fitting) in Orange, Red, Beige and Grey colors. The original G1 Wreck-Gar voice actor Eric Idle was asked to play the role but was busy with the production of Spamalot, In an interesting twistto voice him they picked Weird Al who’s song “Dare to Be Stupid” was featured in the original Transformers movie during the battle against the Junkions, Wreck-Gar’s line “I dare to be stupid!” is a nod to that! Additionally Wreck-Gar throws a motorcycle resembling His original G1 vehicle mode at Ratchet and Bumblebee.

  • 2010 – HASBRO – Deluxe Size – Reveal the Shield Wreck-Gar: He transforms into a motorcycle in Red, Orange, Yellow, Black and Grey. His face pretty much looks exactly like his G1 one counterpart complete with facial hair. He is designed to be able to either ride or be ridden by another figure of the same base mold simulating the action seen in The Transformers: The Movie

  • 2011 – TAKARA – Deluxe Size – United Wreck-Gar: is a redeco of the 2010 Wreck-Gar toy with different paint layouts of pretty much the same colors.

  • 2011 – TAKARA – Deluxe Size – United Autobot SET Scrapheap: The second non-Wreck-Gar Junkion was named Scrapheap and only was available in an e-Hobby exclusive 3-pack with Kup and Hotrod. He is a retool of Reveal the Shield / United Wreck-Gar with a new head inspired by the background Junkions from the movie and in dark and light Brown, Red, Black, Silver and two toned Grey.

  • 2011 – TAKARA – Deluxe Size – United EX Roadmaster: a redeco of the HASBRO Power Core Combiners Mudslinger toy, transforming into a monster truck in Cream, Black, Grey, Purple and Brown, he comes with four “Drones” that are repaints of the HASBRO Power Core Combiner Destructicon Drones (Junker, Trasher, Waster, Scrapper) all with base coats of tan and one accent color of Yellow, Orange, light Blue or Dark Blue that become limbs Roadmaster becomes the torso for a combiner robot of unknown name but suggested that He uses the Roadmaster name. (The United EX story does not directly come out and say that Roadmaster is Detritus, but that’s about the only way it doesn’t connect the two.)

File:Unitedtoy roadmaster.jpg

  • 2011 – HASBRO – Deluxe Size – Generations JunkheapHe is a retool of Reveal the Shield / United Wreck-Gar / United Scrapheap with a new head also inspired by the background Junkions from the movie and in Red, Black, Yellow and Grey.

  • 2011 – HASBRO – Deluxe SizeShattered Glass Wreck-Gar: A redeco of Reveal the Shield Wreck-Gar, transforming into a “junker” dirt bike in G1 Insecticon colors of Purple, Yellow and Silver. In this universe the Autobots are the bad guys. He was available exclusively at BotCon 2012 in a set of three together with Junkheap and Scrap Iron.


  • 2011 – HASBRO – Deluxe SizeShattered Glass Scrap Iron: A redeco of United Autobot SET Scrapheap, available exclusively at BotCon 2012 in a set of three together with Wreck-Gar and Junkheap and shared their color scheme and same alt mode (His name was changed up so there were no two “Heaps”, no relation to the “Cobra Soldier” of the same name)


  • 2011 – HASBRO – Deluxe SizeShattered Glass Junkheap : A redeco of Generations Junkheap, again available exclusively at BotCon 2012 in a set of three together with Wreck-Gar and Scrap Iron and shared their color scheme and same alt mode


The three Shattered Glass Junkions look great together:

Shattered Glass Junkions Digibash by Air-Hammer

Interesting to note that Third Party The Lucky Rogers came out with two upgrade sets JK-01M Medic (first shown) and JK-01W Warrior (second shown), these are unlicensed add-on kits to bring up the level of the new age Junkions and give you more variety.

Another third party company named Maiden Japan also provided some really cool add on kits to give totally different looks

Here is a fun pic of a whole bunch of Junkions hanging out with a Transformers Prime Arcee

We have come to the end of this report, thanks for tuning in and see you next time

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