Skulking around with Scorponok

I debated doing this character but inspiration hit and I just had to write up this multi-reality creature known as Scorponok! Sometimes commander, sometimes flunky, always a soldier dedicated to the cause whether it is Decepticon or Predacon. In 1987 Hasbro brought their Headmasters sub-line in their G1 line, these had a new gimmick. Their heads transformed into humanoid partners. Instead of recreating Megatron, they decided to make a new Decepticon Commander and he was none other then Scorponok. The comic books and the cartoon series decided to go with two different explanations for him. In the comics he led his troops to the planet Nebulos to destroy the Autobots who went there to quit the war. Scorponok found his troops overwhelmed by the newly recreated Headmaster Autobots who joined forces with some Nebulons as their new heads . As the new war was developing all around him he enlisted the corrupt Nebulon Lord Zarak and his supporters to create Decepticon Headmasters with Zarak becoming Scorponok‘s head. Scorpy’s head remained on a shelf in a store room until many years later after Scorponok/Zarak had died fighting Unicron. when IDW took over the comic rights they resurrected Scorponok by giving him a new body this time the original head was in charge with no fleshling to get in his way. He tricked (transforming crippled) Grimlock into arriving on Nebulos and gave him an offer he could not refuse. He then left the planet and went about trying to change all Autobots on Cybertron into Decepticons but he was taken down by Grimlock, the very bot he helped get a new body and thought was on the same side. (I would get into this more but it would take much more time then we got).  In the cartoon it was explained differently, He was built as a city / robot body by Zarak the ruler of Nebulos and then using the Autobot headmaster process to make himself the head of Scorponok.  The Japanese cartoon changed things up and Scorponok was a head sized transformer that created a large transformable body called Mega-Zarak and then Black-Zarak. File:Scorponok headmasters megazarak.jpg

  • HASBRO – 1987 Unknown class Headmaster Scorponok: Mean, green and purple… and orange and grey… He transforms from giant robot (the largest Decepticon to date) into a mechanical scorpion or a third City mode with a shield who transforms into a robot (or left in shield mode is also a tank.) His head transforms into Lord Zarak but all but his face part is concealed under scorpion head helmet.
  • TAKARA – 1987 Unknown class MegaZarak: It is unknown if there was any difference between the two releases other then names.

  • TAKARA – 1987 Unknown class Super-God Masterforce BlackZarak: A Japanese only repaint and retool of the original toy, he features black, red and gold colors (as many earlier toys with gold colored parts he suffers from Gold Plastic Syndrome where these parts break easily.) He features two new accessories, one is a red two piece spear and the other is a new red helmet with gold face so that you do not even need to plug in the headmaster partner since he is completely concealed anyways.

In 1996 Beast Wars arrived and Scorponok was reduced to a Predacon grunt with limited intelligence and the only resemblance to his former self other then the name is that he is a scorpion. He died in lava before he could get a new transmetal body like the other transformers.

  • HASBRO – 1996 Mega class Beast Wars Scorponok: transforms into a organic black scorpion with red and blue parts. The right pincer contains a small, spring-loaded launching bee drone-type gimmick, while his left pincer has a spring-loaded double missile launcher activated by pulling the top part of his claw open to trigger the launcher. His tail also has a spring-loaded “stinging” action activated by pushing forward on a lever on the tail. He features a “mutant head” gimmick where the halves of his mutant mask clam-shell over his robot face from the sides.
  • TAKARA – 1996 Mega class Beast Wars Scorpos: initially released without notable changes from the Hasbro version. Come 1997, he was repainted to be more “show-accurate” his black plastic was replaced with a charcoal gray, and the connecting red pieces were colored a lighter shade, almost orange.
  • TAKARA – 1996 Mega class North Pole Showdown: Whiteclaw VS Scorpos: in a two-pack with Polar Claw (a polar bear not used in the Hasbro lines). Both toys are identical to their individual releases. It is unknown if the set ever came with the repainted “show-like” version of Scorpos.

In 2004 Transformers Energon came out and the robots returned to vehicle modes and Scorponok appeared to be a robotic scorpion shaped construction vehicle thing that along with a robot mode also had a jet mode. Although he did not get a head master partner he did get four different uses for his mold:

  •  HASBRO – 2004 Ultra class Energon Scorponok: His colors include pale green, black, orange-red, yellow and blue.


  • TAKARA – 2004 Ultra class Super Link Mega Zarak: same exact mold as the Hasbro release but they removed the black and red, replacing them with metallic dark green and gold. The packaging shows  10 different molds but most are pretty awkward although the ape mode is kind of cool.


  •  HASBRO – 2005 Ultra class Cybertron Dark Scorponok: He is an  extensive repaint / retool of his Energon issue with his crane arm ‘stinger’ laser cannons and housing being retooled to accommodate a spring-loaded Cyber Key gimmick that the line used. His colors include  black, silver, grey with gold and translucent dark red and is very reminiscent of his 1987 Super-God Masterforce BlackZarak version.

  • HASBRO – 2014 Ultra class Timelines Scorponok: part of the Pirates vs Knights BotCon 2014 exclusive box set. He was retooled to accept his headmaster partner Olin Zarak and his colors are Green, Purple, orange, silver ans a little light blue. He looks more like his G1 counterpart then any other version. He was packed with fellow pirates Ferak, Tornado, and Cannonball, plus knights Ginrai and Devcon.

With the live action movies out Scorponok got a version although he was a robotic scorpion he was not seen with a robotic mode in the series (except in one scene he jumps out of the sand looking like he is robot mode until he attacks) but the toy line fixed this. Although I will be showing his fully fledged transformer toys, I will not show his four non-transforming figures (all the same mold) that went along with different versions of the helicopter Black-Out that he hangs out with in the movies. (ok fine here is one!) File:ROTF-toy Scorponok companion.jpg

  • HASBRO – 2007 Deluxe class Scorponok: in mostly silver with black, gold and red highlights with a very basic transformation that most likely was an after thought since he does even change heads in the transformation.

File:Move DeluxeScorponok toy.jpg

  • HASBRO – 2007 Deluxe class Decepticon Desert Attack Blackout and Scorponok: They were a Toys’R’Us exclusive two-pack, exclusive but they were exactly like their respective single releases even in paint schemes. Interesting though Blackout came with a non-transforming Scorponok figure that the releases came with, making it really a three pack if you include it.

File:Movie DecepticonDesertAttack 2pack.jpg

  • HASBRO – 2007 Deluxe class Desert Attack Scorponok: One of the screen battle sets he comes packed with non-posable figurines of NEST soldiers, and he is more of a sand color scheme.

File:Movie ScreenBattles DesertAttack.jpg

  • HASBRO – 2008 Legends class Allspark Battles two-pack Bumblebee vs. Scorponok: One of the smallest transformers of the movie line he has a simplistic but better transformation then the above toy in mostly silver with black, gold and red highlights and comes packed with Bumblebee. 

File:Movie Legends Bumblebee Scorponok toys.jpg

  • HASBRO – 2009 Deluxe class Stalker Scorponok: A repaint of the original Deluxe Scorponok toy in predominant black, with grey, and red. This color scheme is similar to his Beastwars counterpart and has “916-96” marking on his claws to refer to the date Beast Wars first aired in syndication in 09/16/1996

File:ROTF-toy StalkerScorponok.jpg

  • TAKARA – 2010 Deluxe class EZ CollectioStalker Scorponok: like the Hasbro version but with more grey and less red and only released in Japan.

File:EZ-Stalker-Scorponok.jpg I initially though this would be a easy fast entry well under the 1000 mark but no, it is more like 1345 range but well worth it.

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