Some news in relation to the Females of Cybertron

Hey everyone this is a mini post, I will still have a new blog entry tomorrow but I thought I would pass on some news that has become available in regards to female transformers. Also this has to do with fan imput, HASBRO has listened to the fans wanting more females in the line of toys, TV shows and comics so we have three pieces of news:

1) WINDBLADE: as you may remember she was a fan built transformer and she looks great. well she will be debuting in the Transformers Robots In Disguise cartoon in the near future. This show already has one strong female Autobot “Strongarm” so it is good news to hear of another one.

Transformers News: Fan Built Combiner

2) Secondly we have the COMBINER WARS: revamping the old TF Age of Extinction APP into a Combiner Wars APP, it features a fan poll on every aspect of a new “fan built” combiner. The results on some of these aspects are: A female Combiner named VICTORION and she is made up of SIX female transformers! At first I thought SIXHow can they do that unless it is Titan class? The upcoming DEVASTATOR is titan class using six voyager class bots and the other ones have four deluxe class and one voyager and that is only five, so how will they do it? but then I realized that all the combiners so far do have six, if you include accessory type bots, such as Blackjack, Groove who turn into chest pieces and Powerglide who turns into a weapon.

3) and lastly, CYCLONUS: This is not really about a female Transformer but of something female related and to do with Cyclonus, In the more then meets the eye comic series we get a new look for Cyclonus, although he is still male he is looking good and has something called a “Holo-Avatar”. These have been used in the original comic book, the various TV shows and even the live action movie for whenever they need a human looking driver for a transformer’s alt-mode but they have usually been an after though and pretty much generic looking human but this time this one is very thought out and designed with particular themes in mind and those are based on a female Victorian school teacher look with her hair , clothing and jewelry to have elements of Cy’s look and coloration right down to his red eyes. So all this effort in bring in a very detailed female avatar is quite a good step in the right direction.

Transformers News: IDW Publishing Transformers MTMTE #43 Cyclonus Cover Design Process by Alex Milne

Alright that is all for now, I will be back tomorrow with a new entry and as news comes in I will keep you in formed.

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