Shockwave, the one eyed, one handed, flying purple people slayer!

Shockwave is an odd transformer in appearance unlike the other transformers around him. He lacks the more human like face with only one yellow eye in a roughly rectangular face and he only has one hand, the other is replaced with a gun barrel. Why is he so odd, you might ask? well if you have been reading along with my prior blog entries you already know but for those who have not I will go over it.

Surprisingly to some Shockwave did not start life as a Japanese Takara or an American Hasbro toy, but was first produced by Korean toy company ToyCo as Astro Magnum. As usual of the time period companies licensed the molds to various other companies and such is the case of Shockwave.

1985 was a big year for Shockwave.

  • Hasbro released Shockwave in shades of purple (Hasbro altered the molds so the trigger would not be prominent between his legs) 
  • RadioShack released Galactic Man using the unaltered Astro Magnum mold but in grey, (he is jokingly referred to as Shackwave.) In the 1986 movie Aliens, two of these toys can be seen in a shot, where they are part of some machine, both on poles and upside down with arms outstretched.
  • ToyCo released the Shockwave version around the same time the only difference is a ToyCo sticker on the box.
  • Village Toys appears to have licensed the molds from Radioshack (the toy is exact but there is no proof of licensing)  in their Convert-A-Bots line under the name “N-4-SR” (read the SR as SIR, tell me what it says). There are at least two variants, both with purple highlights but one is dark grey and the other pale green.

sadly Shockwave would not see a transforming toy until the 2000’s

  • 2004 The Alternators version was named “Shockblast” for trademark reasons, his alternate mode is a licensed, 1:24 scale Mazda RX-8, (yes a car not a gun! times change, if you are not sure why just ask Megatron!) 
  • 2004 also saw Shockblast transform into a Cybertronic laser-tank but due to the articulation of the figure, numerous unofficial configurations (one of which is a space gun) can be found by playing around with the figure. He has green accents along with his purple and grey color scheme and looks like Shockwave in many ways
  • 2006 Hasbro released Shockwave in their Cybertron line as a Blackbird-style stealth jet with a third weapon form, he was a mini-con with no relation to the past Shockwave. (he had two eyes and he was not purple)
  • 2008 Hasbro’s Animated cartoon brought forward Shockwave as a double agent. The toy like his cartoon form could change from a Decepticon Shockwave to Autobot Long arm (SW had one eye, LA had an actual face with two eyes and a red circle on his forehead)
  • 2011 Live Action movie Dark of the Moon saw the release of Shockwave both in the movie and a toy. (he was big bad and ugly, but at least he kind of looked like his old self)
  • 2012 Hasbro’s War for Cybertron video game spawned a few different toys and Shockwave was included. Looking pretty much like his old self but he transformed into a Cybertronian mobile artillery or jet. (this mold was reused as Air Raid and BotCon 2014Brimstone.) IDW comics chose this mold to use in the comics as G1 Shockwave.
  • 2012 Takara-Tomy’s Prime line reused the War for Cybertron toy but in brighter shades of purple, but with remolded wings with additional 5mm posts and ports for attaching a weapon-master partner.
  • 2014 Takara-Tomy’s Cloud line saw a redeco of Hasbro’s Whirl as Shockwave. This time transforming into a Helicopter (Whirl was originally a Takatoku Toys figure before Hasbro got it, he has one eye like SW but he is an Autobot)

Although not many toys exist of Shockwave, he is an important part of Transformers Universe, no matter what alternate universe he is in, he is big and bad. Here is a sample of those alternate personalities

  • Marvel comics: Shockwave stays on the ship while the other Decepticons battle the Autobots on the Ark, He follows the crashing Ark to earth but lands elsewhere, 5 Autobots were reactivated and given Dinosaur modes to fight SW, they got knocked into a tar pit then reawakened in 1984
  • G1 cartoon: Shockwave was entrusted with the stewardship of Cybertron by Megatron when the latter left to intercept an Autobot mission surveying for new forms of energy.
  • Dreamwave Comics: left behind when Megatron exited Cybertron, he started creating triple changers and at one point saved his dead planet.
  • IDW G1 comics: Once a right-hearted senator of the corrupt pre-Great War Cybertron, Shockwave ran the Academy of Advanced Technology, his influence waning and the ruling caste unhappy with him he was sent to the Institute to undergo processes that changed his look and took away his emotions. (he once had emotions and a face, he was a nice guy and they ruined him….) 
  • IDW hearts of Steel: awakening in 19th century America, Shockwave took on the form of an ironclad warship.
  • IDW Spolight Shockwave. This time Shockwave sends missiles full of energon to ice age earth, and much later he arrives on earth shortly after the ice age. He was followed by the Dynobots (who were turned into Dinosaurs and given organic coverings that made them a strange mix of pretender and beast wars forms, they changed the Y to an I for given reasons..)
  • War For Cybertron / Fall Of Cybertron video Games: He was a scientist and created Devastator, he made Grimlock and the Lightning Strike Coalition Force into Dinobots.

I could go on but you get the point, Shockwave has endured and will continue to do so. He will be back and all Transformers will fear that day!

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