passing of the animation director for the original G1 cartoon

I am saddened to report the passing of the Jeff Hale in late February 2015 who was the animation director for the original G1 Transformers cartoon, among many other beloved TV shows and other animated features including:

  • He also animated the “B-17” segment of the feature Heavy Metal (1981)
  • Animation Director on Muppet Babies
  • Animation Director on The Charlie Brown
  • Animation Director on Snoopy Show
  • Animation Director on G.I. Joe
  • Animation Director on My Little Pony

He also directed the animation for many Sesame Street shorts including the most famous in my mind “Pinball Number Count”, if you were a kid in the 70-80’s or so you will always count to 12 using this song….

Thank you Mr Hale for giving us such entertainment and rest in peace…

tune in tomorrow when I will post what I was going to do today, Soundwave, Blaster and the Cassettes (almost sounds like a band) but you can understand the pause for a moment of silence.

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