Combiner Wars, an introduction….

Combiner Wars is notably one of the best lines to date. we have seen major Generation 1 characters re-imagined, similar to the classics line that brought out some decent figures, but this time around we get to see the return of the combiner figures,

way back in 1985 Devastator came out and it was six figures that formed one big figure, well it was a big hit, so the next year Hasbro brought out five new combiner sets that were made up of five figures and were easier to combine. four of these sets known as “Scramble City Combiners” let you mix and match figures for custom combiner figures. and the next year saw two more of these sets hit the market.

Flash forward 30 years later and we now have a return of the combiners with nice looking realistic figures that echo the past, retain most of the same names, looks and color schemes. Plus we will see new figures to add to the line, some as new limbs, torsos or accessories. An interesting note that some existing legend class figures can be used as accessories such as a weapons or chest plates. The five known figure sizes (or classes) here are Titan (Extra Extra Large) Leader (Extra Large) Voyager (Large) Deluxe (Medium) and Legend (Small). other terms are: “Torso” = Main Body, “Limbs” = either leg or arm, comes with weapon that can be a hand or foot, Known figure lists are:


Combine into Devastator: (Titan) number of figures: (six voyager construction vehicles) individual names (Hook, Scrapper, Long Haul, Bonecrusher, Mixmaster, Scavenger) Notes: (these figures will not interchange with the below combiner figures).


Now we dive into the new “Scramble City” type combiners . (four deluxe and one voyager figures).

G1 Aerialbots 

combine into Superion made up of “Torso” Silverbolt and “Limbs” Air Raid, Alpha Bravo, Firefly, Skydive. “Accessory” Power glide is a weapon but can be a chest piece.


G1 Aerialbots V. 2 

Same as above but substituting original member Airazor instead of Alpha Bravo.


G2 Aerialbots,

Same as above but in G2 colors.


G1 Stunticons 

Combine into Menasor made up of “Torso” Motormaster and “limbs” Dragstrip, Dead End, Breakdown, Offroad, “Accessory” Blackjack is a chest piece.


G2 Stunticons

Same as above but in G2 colors, although they replaced Offroad back to Wildrider who was on the orginal team.

download (2)

Protectobots V.1

Combine into Defensor made up of “Torso” Hot Spot, and “Limbs” Streetwise, First Aid, Blades, Rook. “Accessory” Groove is a chest piece.


Combaticons G1

stand by I am in the middle of dating this section

“TORSO”: Optimus Prime (confirmed and released) remolded and recolored version of Motormaster.

“TORSO”: Optimus Maximus (leaked but not confirmed) recolored version of the above Optimus Prime.

“TORSO”: Cyclonus (confirmed and release soon) remolded and recolored version of Silverbolt.

“LIMB” Mirage (leaked but not confirmed) recolored version possible Dragstrip.

“LIMB” Ironhide (leaked but not confirmed) recolored version possible Offroad.

“LIMB” Sunstreaker (leaked but not confirmed) recolored version possible Breakdown.

“LIMB” Prowl (leaked but not confirmed) recolored version of possible Streetwise.

“Accessory” Viper (confirmed and release soon) remolded and recolored version of Powerdive.

“Accessory” Rodimus (confirmed and release soon) remolded and recolored version of Blackjack.

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